Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say cheese

I took the girls last week to get their pictures taken for Christmas. I am seriously, seriously a glutton for punishment. I seem to enjoy trying to make two 2-year olds (with runny noses, of course) sit, smile and hold hands while someone tries to take their picture. It never happens.

We got some REALLY cute pictures of Charlotte who is a big big HAM.

Katie on the other hand was just not feeling it at all and we got a bunch of pictures of her that looked like this:

Yeah. Not sure what was up with the tongue. I swear she ONLY does that when I pay lots of money to have her picture taken. Such as her baptism pictures, in which she looked like a puppy dog...


Oh well, I tried. We didn't get any good pictures of them together. We did have a few laughs though.

There are just endless possibilities of funny captions for this photo. Endless. :)


Anonymous said...

Charlotte's pictures are wonderful. Katie's show total defiance. She's determined to make you crazy. You are doomed.

Rebecca Nixie said...

Katie might not have been the most cooperative, but her pics are still cute!!! And I love the one of them together. You are right, endless captions possible for that picture!!

Liz said...

Cute pictures!

Claudia said...

I would like Katie's outfit -- for me!

Please and Thank You.

Anonymous said...


I contribute toys to Jacks Fund thru I had emailed you but hadn't heard back. I just want to know if the toys arrived. Please let me know!

Merry Xmas.....


Amanda said...

Cute photos!!!

The Bossy Yankee said...

I do that for a living! Take pictures of little ones. I do it at your house though! If you ever want pictures done I would love to do them. Spring would be perfect.

The pictures are still cute of the girls though. And truly it shows they have personality!

Here is my work blog: