Friday, November 9, 2007


Who am I? How did I get here?? and most importantly.... How much do I smell like baby puke? Be honest...

This week has been a blur - a 99% good blur but still, a blur. SO TIRED. Thank god for my amazing husband, I need to write an entire entry on how incredible he is with the babies. He has been doing the 5am and 8am feedings, so I can sleep. I do 11pm and 2am. The girls and I are still sleeping downstairs for now (they sleep in their fancy pack and play, I sleep on the couch) because it's just easier.... but I'm thinking soon - as soon as they go to eating every 4 hours, we'll try them in their cribs. Well, in one crib, since they really do seem to love sleeping together. See?

Still cuddling! Katie on left, Charlotte on right

They're very good babies, but still babies... there's a lot of whimpering during the night. Last night for some reason there was actual crying (I'm thinking it was constipation - they had some formula yesterday due to a breast milk shortage since Jack is taking some now and Mom the Cow is having trouble making enough for THREE, and i don't think it agreed with them). But I can't complain really, they are so sweet. You think the day they're born that you can't possibly love anything more, and then every day, you love them more than the previous day.... it's amazing.

Tomorrow PJ is working his 24 hour shift (UGH) but my mom and aunt are coming to watch the girls in the morning and give me a couple hours of freedom. I'm going to see Jack and talk to his doctor because we seem to be at some kind of standstill here.... he looks really good but is still on the #*&$(#*$&#(*% vent. They are slowly weaning him off but this seems REALLY slow. I want my boy HOME already.

Then I'm going to Old Navy and get some clothes so i have more than 3 things to wear (and I can STOP wearing maternity jeans). Then, if I'm still able to keep my eyes open, a mani pedi. I can't wait.

So I should sleep for an hour before it's time to feed the little munchkins again. But first, more pictures.

First real bath was yesterday. Laid back little Charlotte didn't mind it, Katie wasn't too happy.

Charlotte, not thrilled but not crying.

Katie after the bath, looking like we've just tortured her.

Charlotte pretty as a picture in her bouncy seat:

and lastly Katie..... WOW Katie really does look like her dad!!! Wait a minute... :)


Cmom said...

Your babies are precious. My youngest was born prematurely and was in the NICU for 5 months. Today he is 7 years old and the joy of my life. You are very blessed. St. Gerard is truly an awesome saint.

Kelly said...

I finally found my way back to your blog. It's strange how you get lost clicking all around in cyberspace. I'm so glad Jack's surgery went well. All three of your babies are just gorgeous!! I know you must love having the girls home. I'm keeping you all in my prayers, and linking to your blog from mine so I can find you again!

Amy said...

Megan, I am so glad that the girls are getting used to home...They are real cuties. Jack will be home soon enough.

Stay Strong.
Amy (MyColonyNJ)

Gillian said...

Yea! Thanks for the update Megan, I've been checking daily to see how the kidlets are doing. I hope you get some good news about Jack soon-- like, he's coming home!

You're both doing a GREAT job and should be very proud of yourselves!

Gillian (GilliMax)

Linda said...

Wow, Im impressed you're feeding them on your own! We're still feeding one each at every feeding...we're really sleep deprived! Congrats on getting out too. Its great you're able to do that! Enjoy!!