Monday, November 5, 2007

Two down!

The girls came home Saturday,and it's been crazy ever since (obviously). They have been really good, but they eat every three hours and that alone takes a lot of time - forget the pumping I have to do and the fact that they poop constantly (breast milk does that). I try to get at least an hour of sleep between feedings but it's not always easy. And today, PJ is working at the fire house so I'm really on my own.

My mom came over this morning and helped me take the girls to their first pediatrician's appt. He said they're beautiful healthy babies (which I already knew... LOL).

After that I went and visited Jack and my mom stayed in the car with the girls. He's doing pretty well, they keep lowering the settings on his vent to make him do more breathing on his own. The swelling from the surgery is better, his lungs look better.... it's a day at a time but so far so good. I held him today, and PJ and I both got to hold him on Saturday, so that's a sure sign he's feeling good - they wouldn't let us hold him otherwise.

I'm so tired right now I'm not sure this is making sense... LOL. So I will just post some (aka a zillion) pictures then feed the girls AGAIN then try and take a nap. :)


Charlotte Getting Dressed to Go Home:

This little face kills me!

Daddy dressed Katie.... didn't get pics of her outfit. :( Here's her pink suit:

Charlotte in her pink bear suit:

Then we went and held Jack - it was sad to leave him behind:

Wheeling out of the hospital... the girls said, see ya, NICU!

Finally, in the car - let's go!

We're home, and happy to be together again:
(We don't put them in the bed like this - as soon as we put them down, they wiggled over to be close to each other, and do it every time. It is the CUTEST THING...)

THE END... for now.


Leah said...

The girls are so flipping cute, it kills me! :-)

I'm glad to hear that they're doing well, and that Jack is improving. YAYYYY!

The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

Yay, so glad to hear that both girls are home and that Jack is doing better!

Love the pics!

pam said...

omg, they are so so so cute! i love that they snuggled up together on their own. eep! hope jack gets to snuggle with them soon too. :)

Anonymous said...

SO great Megan!! I love that you are STILL keeping us updated even though your life is in an uproar right now (and for the next 18 years, lol)!!
How wonderful to have the girls home.. and SUCH great news about Jack getting stronger! Continued vibes!

MC said...

YAY! Congratulations! Hope that Jack follows them home soon!

Adrienne said...

Megan, the babies are doing beautifully! I'm so happy to hear that the girls are home and it sounds like Jack is doing better. I hope he gets to come home soon too!!

Diana said...

YAY for the girls being home!!! That is sooooo exciting!!! Congrats!

SaraS-P said...

Congratulations! I absolutely love the snuggling picks at the bottom!

Sabrina said...

They are adorable! I hope Jack will be joining you all soon!