Friday, October 26, 2007

Mama, I'm coming home....

Guess who's coming home on Monday, October 29th?

Doesn't she look big? And pretty in green, my little Irish Kathleen.

That's right.... KATIE. She has to pass her car seat test tomorrow, but other than that small hurdle, she's out of there. Unfortunately, she has to come home on a monitor since she still is having a few brady's (when she eats) and some brief apneas. But that's okay, we'll deal.

I can't believe it. I can't believe they're actually letting us take her home. I keep saying, have they met us? Do they know us at all? They think we can handle this? Huh. Surprising. LOL.

Charlotte is not far behind - they're trying my little peanut in an open crib tonight! We'll see how she does, she still seems so SMALL.

Jack is no closer to coming home. He's had two doses (out of three) in the second round of medication to close his PDA (the heart murmur). It's still there, loud as ever. I want it CLOSED. He looks great - big, pink, healthy. But he's not any better. Poor bub, I really believe more and more, if we could just get the PDA closed, everything else would fall into place. I have no medical basis for this. It's mother's intuition.

It's going to be a mad rush this weekend to get ready for Monday. We are woefully unprepared. I really need to work on my organizational skills here. One of the NICU nurses was telling me my laid-back attitude served me well during a stressful triplet pregnancy, but it's time to be a little less laid back and little more 'together'.

Anyway, October 29th will forever be Katie's Day. I decided the day each baby comes home will be their 'day'. The share a birthday but will have their own homecoming day. Monday is KATIE DAY!! Hopefully!!


The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

OMG!! Yay for Katie Day!! I sure hope it all works out.

Anonymous said...

Megan - wherever I am on Monday, I will be celebrating Katie Day with all of you!!! I'm so very happy, hope Charlotte comes home a couple of days later, and I continue to pray for Jack. - Lisa

Anonymous said...

I continue to keep all three babies in my prayers.... hooray for Katie Day!!! :)

Dec2005bride from the nest

Katie....mrsktrobocop said...

'Katie Day' - I LOVE it! And not just because she has the best name ever...

SO happy for you and PJ! Good luck ; )

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Katie!! I know Charlotte and Jack will not be far behind her. Enjoy Katie Day!! Congrats.

Amy ~zorahangels from the nest