Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beware, pedestrians..

I can drive again!! I haven't driven in SO LONG. I fainted while driving back in July (it was too hot and I hadn't eaten), and by the grace of God came out unscathed, but after that I limited my driving to only very local. Towards the end of the pregnancy I wasn't driving at all... so I am definitely out of practice. But I saw my OB today and he gave me the greenlight to get back on the road. So keep an eye out for a used Kia Sedona mini van driving erratically... if you see it, RUN.

Doctor's appointment went well. My incision is healing nicely. He told me no sex, exercise or heavy lifting for another month (two out of three I won't be doing even after a month. You pick which two. LOL.) We discussed birth control - I think I'm going to get an IUD. I do NOT WANT another baby. Despite having to do IVF to get pregnant, we could hypothetically get PG on our own. I had a slightly elevated FSH, and my husband had some issues but we both had the necessary "ingredients" to make a baby. My OB was trying to talk me into doing it again, just because I did such a good job this time. He told me I'm great at being pregnant. Thanks, but NO THANKS.

In BIG NEWS - I lost all but about 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight (I'm not 100% sure of my pre-PG weight). I really don't understand it. I am eating Halloween candy like my life depends on it. I have NEVER been a person who just loses weight without agony and suffering. I think it's because my weight gain of 60 lbs really was mostly babies or fluid (my legs were SO SWOLLEN at the end, I couldn't bend my knees). Also, I'm sure the pumping/milk making helps.

I got my hair cut and highlighted this morning, it came out very cute. No pics yet, maybe tomorrow. It was nice - but weird not to see the babies this morning. I couldn't wait until this evening to see them!

Not too much news in the baby department. Katie did awesome in her open crib and maintained her body temp, plus she is up to 4 pounds. She could be home in days!

Look at Katie! Her cheeks are actually chubby! This is a typical Katie face... she does not like to wake up. She gives you the stink eye when you try and disturb her by making her eat.

Charlotte is up to 3lbs 10oz, and eats like a little pig. She loves to eat. She never gets enough.

Who's this little angry old man? Wait, it's Charlotte... this is her WHY ARE YOU NOT FEEDING ME? face. Don't burp me... feed me some more!!

Jack is Jack. He's killing me. His murmur is worse. They are giving him the meds again to try and close it, if they don't work we're going to talk surgery. At this point, I want them to do the surgery, scary as it is. I really am starting to feel like the open heart valve is playing a larger part in this than they originally realized... that if it was closed he might breathe better. I put my hand on his back yesterday and his breathing felt all 'crackly' - I assumed it was from the vent but the nurse said it's from the PDA (open heart valve). Enough already. Close the valve. Get him off the vent. Stop poking him and taking his blood then giving him transfusions... let's get this show on the road.

He has the best nurse today though, I love her. She doesn't just take care of him, she CARES for him. She got him a special gel mattress, she rubs his legs and tries to stretch his little feet for him, she talks to him, she's the one that let me hold him. I always feel better when she's his nurse. Some are definitely better than others. She's the best.


Leah said...

7/1/05 the pictures were taken? :-)

Joking. I'm glad to hear the girls are still doing well. Hopefully you will get some answers for Jack and be able to get him the medical care that he needs.

Hang in there!

The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

It's amazing how much your girls look like your husband! He has some strong genes :)

Jody said...

Here via Karen at My Perky Ovaries to say congratulations on your babies, and on making it through the NICU so far. I hope Jack's PDA closes super-soon, and that you get as many days with the good nurses as you possibly can.

You have beautiful babies!

Katethegreat10 said...

Awww. I love following your story. I am so impressed by you and your babies. And I am pulling for Jack. Having a good nurse makes a big difference. When my son was in the NICU (just for 3 days) certain nurses made me feel so much better. Especially the ones that let me hold him. Others made it seem like it was a hassle to do it. So I can understand how you feel. Being a nurse myself I know I will try to do those little things for new moms whenever I can. If you have the time and things settle down write her a note to tell her how much you appreciated it. Those sorts of things always made me feel like my job is worth it. Good luck to Katie on coming home.
Kate (katethegreat10 from the Nest)

Diana said...

Praying for Jack and his heart. Poor little guy with so much challenge so early. Sounds like he is a fighter! Keep fighting Jack!