Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's a go

Katie passed her car seat test with flying colors. Actually, she slept through the whole thing. Look at this:

How funny is that? Such a peanut still, it's hard to believe she's the biggest of the three! So barring some catastrophe she's coming home tomorrow (which could happen... one may be brewing already but more on that later).

The girls were so cute yesterday, all dressed up. Of course, when I was changing Charlotte she pooped ALL OVER her outfit. These girls, they can definitely GO.

Charlotte and Katie

Charlotte did great in the open crib, so she's one step closer to home too. Yesterday for the first time we put them together... (I look terrible in these pics... my boobs are HUGE):

These pictures actually make me kind of sad. No Jack. My poor boy.

Jack's murmur is still there after the 2nd round of medicine. Tomorrow they'll talk to us about what to do next. I want them to operate and close it, NOW. I want my baby better, I'm so tired of this. I can't believe he's still on that vent.

New windows are installed in the nursery, they look great. Now I just need the curtains to get here, and get the dresser/changing table. Yep, we're not that prepared. I figured Katie will sleep in the bassinet in our room for awhile anyway.

Of course, nothing can just go smoothly. Last night, I realized my incision from the c-section had opened up a little and blood and pus (sorry) was pouring out. I'd noticed a hard lump in that spot a while ago but wasn't sure what it was. Well, the lump is gone now.... anyway, it didn't hurt or anything so I just went to bed. This morning I had 100 degree fever so I started to get nervous and called the OB/GYN. While I waited for someone to call me back I decided I was probably dying of the MRSA Virus that's all over the news now, obsessed over how my children will never remember me if I die from this, on and on.

Doctor said, no big deal. Go buy some gauze pads, soak them in hydrogen peroxide and stick them in the open part of the incision. If the fever gets higher or the spot gets red and hot, call back. He told me I can go see the babies in the NICU as long as I don't expose my belly (NO need to worry about that...).

I guess I'm not going to die of a staph infection. Maybe. We'll see.


pam said...

eeeep! i hope your infection gets better. ew. i have a fear of pus.

thinking of you guys a lot, hope things start looking up for jack, and that the girls come home asap!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Katie. Before you know it everyone will be under one roof. I will be thinking about poor Jack, hopefully they will be able to answer some of your questions. If you need to vent just e-mail, I would love to hear from you. I hope you feel better.

Amy zorahangels from the nest

ABC Triplets said...

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Kelly said...

I just found your blog and the pic from the carseat challenge brought tears to my eyes. I so remember when mine looked just like that. My Emma never passed her carseat challenge and came home in a carbed. I'm praying your little ones are home with you soon. Much love to you.