Tuesday, October 2, 2007

31 weeks 4 days

... and still going. No end in sight. Woo hoo!

Perinatologist appointment went great yesterday. PJ ended up having the day off so he was able to take me. They did the BPP and all three babies cooperated right away - all were 'breathing' and moving around and looked good. We had my favorite of the doctors - he always says something nice to me, says they're beautiful babies, etc. Yesterday he kept saying to the ultrasound tech "Aren't these some great babies?" LOL

Blood pressure was 110/70, no protein in my urine - i passed my big 24 hour jug of pee test with flying colors. I seem to have found the two pounds I lost but that's okay.

As soon as the girl started the ultrasound she said "Well, this is definitely the boy baby!" then pointed out his penis to us.... every time we see him the tech comments on it (and it's all different U/S techs), like he's waving it around. Typical. She gave us this ultrasound pic of him (I added the words so you could see what I'm talking about ):

If you look, he seems to be holding his penis and sort of shaking it at us.... my mom said "These kids are going to have a lot of personality...." Yeah - my husband's!!

Next week we go back for a full appointment where they'll measure all the babies and see how big they are - that is always interesting but takes forever.

I had a little meltdown last night. I'm a typical Pisces - I hold it together, hold it together, everything is great, I never get mad, never get upset, la la la - until one day - BAM. I lose it.

Yesterday, my wonderful hubby who I was just praising, was driving me nuts. I am always the optimist, he is the pessimist. It works for us. He freaks out, I calm him down. He's doom and gloom, I show him the bright side. He wants to wallow in misery and feel bad for himself and I don't let him. Rosie O'Donnell says, in every relationship one person is the flower, and one is the gardener. I know I'm the gardener. But even the gardener needs a little tending sometimes, I mean come on - the gardener is carrying THREE FREAKING BABIES.

I won't go into it because it's basically silly and PJ felt terrible and now it's fine but this was the final straw that sent me into hysterics.... he was laying on the couch moaning and complaining about how tired he was, how hard he's working, how nothing is easy, and I said, yeah, I know what you mean... He said, what's bothering you today? I said, what do you think?

He said, is it because you're bored?

BORED? BORED? Are you pulling my leg?? YES, I am laying around on the couch all day, eating candy, watching tv, bored and that is all that's on my mind. NO other problems, no worries. NO aches or pains or discomfort, no three human beings residing inside me. Nope. Carrying triplets is SO EASY. It's the Boredom. That's it.

I want to be the flower for a little while, he can be the gardener. He can pat my head and tell me it'll be okay and not to worry and everything will be fine. And bring me home some fried chicken if he knows what's good for him.

(As I was writing this, PJ came home from work.... with a HUGE gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I'll keep him. It's not Popeye's Fried Chicken, but it's still wonderful. :)


Diana said...

Good job PJ showing up with flowers! Sometimes the boys just need a kick in the head!