Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bankrupted by Baby Outfits

Yesterday, my mom and my aunt took me to Jersey Gardens Mall to do some baby shopping (LOVE JG - they have a Carter's Oulet, Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, Motherhood.....). The only way they would agree to take me though, since it is a HUGE mall and I'm not supposed to be on my feet too much, was if I let them push me around the mall in a wheelchair.

I was so desperate to do some shopping, I said okay. OH the humiliation. It was really embarrassing. And it was made even worse by the GLEE my mom and aunt took in it - they even took pictures with their cell phones of each other pushing me, making faces like it was REALLY hard to move my giant girth. I am not posting them here. They're terrible.

Then they sent the pictures to my husband's cell phone. Cruel. LOL

BUT still, it was fun. I got SO much stuff - we cleaned up at the Carter's outlet - got undershirts and sleepers and onesies and sheets and hats.... got some very cute outfits at Old Navy, and some clothes for me too, nice maternity sweaters. Bought some GIANT BLACK STRETCHY PANTS at Motherhood because that's about all I can wear anymore. It was fun, and as much as I hate to admit it, the wheelchair was a good idea - I don't think i could have done it otherwise.

I won't post pics of everything, but some of it is SO CUTE I have to put it up here.

Old Navy Outfits (for the girls..... not me.... no one needs to see my giant clothes.... :) The little dress and hat and boots on the left is my favorite, it is so nice in person. I love that it's not real babyish.... if it came in my size, I'd totally wear it!! No, seriously.....

The outfit on the left I bought at the Saks 5th Ave outlet - it's SO NICE - love the little bonnet. The two on the right are for the girls to come home in (under the snuggly) - my mom's looking for little pink cardigans and hats to go with them - do you see where I get this from??

THESE kill me - they are SO ADORABLE. AAAGHHHH. I can't stand it.

Look at the close ups.... thankful for MOMMY. Oh, I could just cry it's so sweet.

Ok enough cuteness (how many times have I used the word cute?? Too many....) I came home, took a nap, and then tortured PJ some more by making him take me to the Shop Rite. It had to be done. But it really wiped me out. LONG day for me. When we got home I told him I felt like I was just going to split right open and the babies fly out.

I did manage to stay up to see Saturday Night Live with my boyfriend KANYE. I love him - I laughed so hard at the skit with him and the awards shows..... it's down at the bottom of this page, please watch it if you haven't seen it, it is hysterical. Give a black man.... give a SHORT black man a chance!!! lol

Today PJ is working at the firehouse and I took it easy to try and recuperate from yesterday. Lounged around, read the papers, ate and ate and ate some more. I feel better.

Tomorrow morning, perinatologist appt - they're going to do another Bio Physical Profile on the babies. Hopefully everything will once again be fine!!

And finally, I know everyone wants belly shots. I'm just huge. My belly, it is not a cute little Nicole Ritchie in a bikini belly. It was a pretty flabby mess before having triplets in there.... so now it's just... scary. But here's something. Maybe for a limited time only.

Took these this morning, so 31 weeks 2 days. PLEASE disregard our disaster of a bathroom - it is the one room in the house we have not gotten around to fixing up yet, it's terrible.

AGGHH THE HORROR!! Go back and look at the cute baby clothes pictures before you're scarred for life (and don't forget to play my baby pool to the right, thanks... )

Ah, stretchy blank pants, I would be naked from the waist down if it weren't for you.....


Linda said...

I bought the SAME 'My first thanksgiving' outfits (the pants and onesie) the other day at Kohls. I couldn't resist! You look great in your belly pics!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled across your site and decided to leave a comment. My DH is a fireman too. The schedule is really nice when the babies come home.
I love the outfits.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Trips

momofdom said...

YOU are ALL Belly!!! Those babies are going to come out and noone's going to believe that you had three babies!!


The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

You look great for being so far with triplets. Seriously! I love the belly pics.

The outfits are so cute. They make me want to go shop, shop, shop! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you look absolutely beautiful! I am a grandmother of 2. I have a wonderful friend that had IVF and has twin girls. I predicted their birth on my birthday and it came true...I see the birth of your triplet on or about Oct 31...I am pretty good at if I could just predict when my other daughter will get pg...

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's Gabbs (MrsGabbs4Ed) from the Nest. I love your blog, it is hilarious and very insightful! I have the same Thanksgiving onesie too!

Oh and yes Kanye West....hilarious!!!! I love it!