Monday, September 17, 2007


My baby shower was yesterday, and it was SO amazing, I can't say enough about how nice it was. The day was perfect, beautiful weather - so many people came, almost everyone we invited, and we got so much stuff, it's insane. Our house looks like a Babies R Us threw up all over it.

I am (NOT SO PATIENTLY) waiting for someone to email me pics from the shower, since I didn't take any. As soon as I get some, I will post them. In the meantime here's a few of my house today...

These were the centerpieces, my cousin made them all for me as my gift. They are incredible - if anyone needs a baby shower gift, email me and i'll give you her info, as she also sells them. They are SO CUTE - and I have like ten of them!!

This was the favor - the theme was Three Peas in Pod.... they made these little pods and filled them with candy:

Here's my stroller the Nesties gave me - my husband and brother finally put it together yesterday. I cannot explain how nice it is! It has a steering wheel, brakes, shocks - it's nicer than some of the cars I own!! Everyone who sees it is so impressed with it!

My mom makes the most beautiful quilts - these are the ones she made for the babies. They were my favorite gift, I love them (I helped pick out the fabric.... LOL):

The house is full of baby stuff and half of it is in the garage (all the boxed stuff- car seats and high chairs and swings). I really don't know where it's all going to go. Everyone has been so incredibly generous.

I am really dragging today though - it was a lot for me yesterday, plus I have a bad cold on top of it. My chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it right now. If you want a really good time, get pregnant with triplets, then get a nasty cold. It's FUN. LOL.

I will post more once I get some pics!


irish1114 said...

Hi! I'm irish1114 (Kelly)from the nest.
Just wanted to say that reading about your shower made me cry!! LOL, talk about PMS! So glad you had a good time. Those centerpieces are amazing.