Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Showered Take 2

After being a big pest I managed to get a few shower pics.... boy do I look big. The dress looked better in person I think....though when I put it on, my husband said "Wow.... designy." Such a smooth talker.

My pretty cake and one of the centerpieces, with favors around it:

Me, PJ and his mom, then me and my mom:

I told my mom after the shower that we were naming Katie after her - I had lied and told her Katie's name would be Kathryn, but it's actually going to be Kathleen..... after mom. She burst into tears and was still crying when she called the next morning to tell me how much it meant to her. It made me happy that it made her so happy. She deserves it. She's a great mom. I don't know how I would have gotten through this pregnancy without her.

The LOOT!!!:

And just to show how quickly things change... my wedding shower was almost two years ago to the DAY - September 25, 2005. Here's a pic from my wedding shower, and then one from my baby shower with my maid of honor/best friend:

YIKES. Wow. Depressing. LOL.

I have my perinatologist appointment tomorrow. I always look forward to them, but start to get nervous at the same time. I will worry for the next 24 hours, until it's over, that they will find something wrong. It's the Irish in me I think - hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I am REALLY not ready for these babies yet - there is still way too much to do!

Baby-wise I'm still doing well, good blood pressure and no contractions. But personally I'm falling apart- this cold is killing me. I'm coughing up some REALLY disgusting things... bleh. And I feel pretty exhausted. My hips hurts. My feet hurt, my legs hurt..... My poor husband has to do basically everything around here now. I changed the sheets on our bed yesterday and felt like I'd run a marathon by the time I was done.

Could be worse - I know!! It's not even a complaint, just telling how it is around here now. I'm pretty useless. LOL. I am going to make some tacos for PJ's dinner tonight, it's his favorite and I think even I can handle it.

America's Next Top Model starts tonight - YAY! I have to record it though because PJ can't take it - it's just too much for him. Ms. Jay gives him a twitch. LOL. I want to watch Kid Nation anyway and it's on at the same time. Thank god for television!!

Things That You Need to SURVIVE Being Pregnant with Triplets
  1. A very understanding and loving husband
  2. A really great mom
  3. Good friends who want to help, keep you busy, talk to you (including Nesties!)
  4. A super sweet cat who keeps you company
  5. Many many television channels
  6. A laptop
  7. Chocolate
  8. Lots of pairs of elastic waist pants and wide shoes
  9. Tons of reading materials (hello, Harry Potter....)
  10. A REALLY good sense of humor! :)


The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

You look amazing for 29 weeks with triplets!! Seriously. I looked about that way at 35 weeks with twins, and that is only 6 weeks further and one less baby. I love your dress, too.

As for your list, it applies pretty well to high-risk twins, I'm finding out :)