Friday, September 14, 2007

29 Weeks! WOW!

We made it to 29 weeks - I can't believe it!! Do I say that every week? Well... it's true!

Wanted to write really quickly because I'm not sure when I'll get a chance. My shower is Sunday, I have family coming down tomorrow from New Hampshire that I haven't seen in over a year so I'm really excited.

I have been sleeping a little better, so I'm in a much better mood - and the weather is SO MUCH better. I made a new BFF, and his name is Tylenol PM. My OB on Wednesday told me it would be okay to take, so I took it that night and fell asleep at 10pm, and didn't wake up until almost 8am. Only woke up once to pee and WOW did I have to pee - that was a close call..... LOL..... but it was the best sleep I've had in weeks. I don't want to take it too often but I know now, if I'm desperate, there's something that will help. THANK YOU TYLENOL PM. I love you.

PJ's working tonight and my girlfriend is coming over to hang out and order dinner, which will be nice, to have a girls night, but I'm POOPED. I told her, Girl's Night might be over by 9 pm. I went out with mom today to get a manicure and pedicure, then to the Christmas Tree Shop (we worship Christmas Tree Shop.... we used to go to Cape Cod every summer and that's when we became obsessed.... when they opened one in NY State we would drive to that one.... now there's one in Paramus and it's heaven!! LOL)

What was I saying??? Right..... shopped, went to a diner to eat.... busy day for me. Three different woman stopped me in the store today to ask me when I was due, and then looked horrified when I said November because I'm so HUGE. It's pretty entertaining. An old woman said to me "You're having a boy - I can tell by looking at you!" I said, well, you're 1/3 right.....

So I bought a bunch of Halloween tchotchke crap that will drive my husband insane but I couldn't help it, it was all so cute - and had black cats on it... like Leroy!! Who could resist? Bought a ton of Little Golden Books for the babies too, for $1.99. Most of them I remember having when I was little. I love books, I can't wait for the babies to be here and read to them - and hopefully they'll love books too. It's something that I really think changes your whole life, if you have a love of reading. And no book affects you like the books you love as a child.

Ramble ramble ramble.

Anyway - all's good here. No contractions, B/P still good, moving along. Just going to relax at home tonight with my best friend and my cat.

Leroy LOVES chillaxin'......

Dude, hand me the remote......