Friday, September 7, 2007

Maybe it's not that easy....

Today I am really dragging. Today for the first time I really felt like, okay..... I'm carrying triplets. I feel it. I'm big. And tired. I can't get comfortable no matter what I do. My feet hurt and my ankles are swollen. If I stand or walk too long I feel like my stomach is going to split open from weight and gravity pulling on it.

So OBVIOUSLY I didn't sleep well last night and I'm kind of cranky....

I cancelled on my friend today who was supposed to come over with her twins, I was just too exhausted. I didn't fall asleep until maybe 4am and even then it wasn't great sleep. She of course understood, and said she remembers the not sleeping, being so exhausted, and even getting comfortable, but still - no sleep. She said her doctor told her it's all the hormones raging in your body right now.

I don't know the reason but I'm over it. It's so many things for me - the pain in my hand, the inability to just roll over, the shortness of breath if I lay too flat, the peeing every hour, the bad sinus pain I've been having, the fact that I just can't fall asleep no matter how tired I am.

And I just want to add before being pregnant I was a sleeping CHAMP. I rocked the sleeping. I could fall asleep in seconds. I miss that.

I did manage to make it to get my pedicure today which was awesome - I love my polish, it's called Mocha Latte or something like that, a really nice brownish color. The girl did such a good job, she massaged my poor swollen calves and ankles forever. It was heaven.

Then PJ and I went to the Shop Rite - he ended up having the day off today but will probably have to work tomorrow, so we had to go. He HATES going. I HATE going with him. We take twice as long and spend twice the money that I would spend when I went alone. He has no concept of buying what's on sale, or using a coupon, or even looking at a PRICE. If he sees something that looks good, he gets it...... I told him once we have 3 babies, he needs to get used to generic Oreos. LOL.

I think that's all my whining for today - hopefully I will sleep tonight. Tomorrow my brother is supposed to come over to help put some cribs together, and my sister in law and nephew are coming too. So the nursery is moving along!