Monday, September 10, 2007

Do Nothing Monday

I officially decided today would be a lazy do-nothing day.... I need one, the babies need one more I think. So other than taking a shower and eating (and of course peeing) I've done ZILCH. It's not really that fun and I don't honestly feel any better but I know my doctor would be happy.

The nurse this morning said the monitor showed NO contractions all weekend which is incredible for someone who's 28 weeks PG with triplets. My BP is still good too - 104/64. I just wish I felt a little better but I really think once the weather changes it will help. My allergies will be better, I'll sleep better.... come on cool weather!!

Since I did nothing today there's not much to report. So this will be a mostly picture entry. Whoopie. LOL

First, the firehouse toybox - it's going to stay downstairs in our living room:

Next, nursery pics.... here's some before shots. I wish I'd taken more, this really doesn't capture what a MESS the room was:

And now - new paint, new carpet, redone closet, new light fixtures - we still need new windows but hopefully that will get done in the next week or so (that dresser is not staying):

Here's the bedding we got from Pottery Barn Kids - matelasse's with the babies names on them and then the bumpers and crib skirts - I freaking LOVE IT:

One day PJ went to Home Depot to get paint or something like that.... and he came home with this...

I HATE IT. Every time I walk in the nursery I stare at it with loathing... it doesn't match... it has a character on it.... it doesn't go with my cottage/shabby chic theme.... but my husband bought it and loves it and was so cute and excited about it and just knew that I would love it (WRONG) that I didn't have the heart to tell him I hate hate hate it. But Pooh, you are going down... I am plotting against you, me and all my obsessive OCD tendencies that will not rest with you ruining my plans.....

Sorry..... anyway.... last picture.... here's the actual sweater and hat from Old Navy - I just had to show the hat it's so cute.....

And an example of why I had to take all these pictures twice - notice the big blue thing in the photo? Yeah, that would be my belly. It kept getting in the way!


Anonymous said...

Megan - I could not love that bedding more!! It's exactly what I always picture having!!! - Lisa

The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

I love the bedding! I'm actually looking at a very similar line from PBK, I think. It's the new Isabelle or Isabella with toile, stripes and dots. I love that you got the plain blankie with each of their names on it, I may need to copy that :)

Oh, and Pooh... nooooooo Pooh. That is something my DH would do, too, except I have beaten him into submission and he knows better to purchase anything for the home or babies without my permission. Sad, but true!

Diana said...

Am I crazy for liking the pooh lightswitch? haha! I do love the bedding! I will have to remember it!