Thursday, August 30, 2007

Puff Mommy

Pretty much spent the day just trying to deflate.... relaxing with my feet up. Didn't help much, unfortunately.

I'm still pretty cankle-icious.

My mom stopped by today and brought us dinner she'd made - a corned beef (PJ's favorite food), her homemade coleslaw and a key lime pie. YAY MOM. I might have another piece of that pie before bed, it was GOOD.

PJ has the day off tomorrow - we're going to do some more furniture shopping and hopefully finally get me a BIG CHAIR. For my big belly. LOL

Speaking of my belly.... it's so funny. It changes every day! Depending where the babies are it changes shape - last night it was actually completely lopsided. Today it's much higher and really pointy. I think the girls are moving up to try and get closer to Jack... who just keeps trying to get away. My poor lungs.

Some days it really hits me how lucky we are. I hate to even say blessed because yes, I prayed -I have prayed a lot this year. But I'm sure many many people pray as much or more than I do and those prayers haven't been answered in the way ours were. Like I said, we've been so lucky.

Every day I think about how all my dreams have come true in the last five years.... I mean ALL. Well maybe not the hot sex with George Clooney one but other than that..... LOL. I never gave up hope though. I think other people did *cough my mother and grandmother cough* that I would ever find a husband period, let alone a husband so made for me, so good to me, let alone a husband I would have 3 babies with.....

Now I'm rambling. Pregnancy brain. Sorry.

I'll end with some cute baby things I want to order. PJ thinks we should get this shirt for Jack:

It says "My Sisters Rock". Cute!! From

And I love these hats, on Etsy at

Or maybe it's the cute baby that really sells it!


Anonymous said...

I'm a nestie on TTTC, undergoing IVF. I love your blog. Best of Luck to you and your dh!

Lotta said...

Ooh love those hats!

Lotta said...

PS - I had preclampsia with both babies and had to be on bedrest. At first it felt fun and then..not so much. I just wanted my body back so I could move around! Sleep, enjoy the quiet!