Sunday, September 2, 2007

Welcome to Dullsville

Be prepared to be bored because I have nothing interesting to say today.

Okay..... don't say you haven't been warned.

Probably the most interesting thing that happened today is I mooned my neighbor. THAT'S RIGHT - completely bare assed mooned him.

I woke up pretty early (8:30ish), came downstairs, got myself some breakfast (coffee and an english muffin, with cinnamon sugar! Yum!)..... Anyway, PJ is working at the firehouse today so it's just me and the cat. And I needed to hook myself up to the stupid monitor. And I was wearing a nightgown. But thinking it was pretty early and no one was around to see and all I really wanted to do was sit and eat my english muffin, I just lifted my nightgown up and strapped the belt and monitor around my waist....

While standing in front of this huge window (well 2 windows actually, but the one behind the couch is the one I'm talking about... and the blinds were WIDE open):

Yep. And I heard someone yell "WOAH!" Looked out and there was my neighbor, maybe five feet away, setting up his backyard for a BBQ. Good morning neighbor!! Sorry about that!

It couldn't have been pretty - I don't think he got the full swollen belly view, but my pasty white Irish butt is not a nice picture either. I'm sure he told his whole family when they came for the bbq what happened. I was embarrassed for about 10 minutes, but I'm already over it.

In less humiliating news, we did get a glider/recliner. It's really nice - it's a regular chair, not a nursery chair. It's VERY comfortable. When I sit in it, the swelling goes down in my huge calves/ankles/hooves. Plus we got a great deal on it - they had it in the Tent Sale at Sofa's Plus and we got it for only $260. Go us.

We also ordered a couch from Bob's. Our current couch is kind of sad (see above photo) - it's my parents' old couch with a slip cover on it. It's not too big - PJ and I barely fit on it together. The new couch is big and has a sleeper in it - for when the grandmothers/aunts/sister in laws/anyone willing to help wants to sleep over after the babies come. It's being delivered on Wednesday. WOO HOO.

That's about it. I went to a friend's for a bbq today for a couple hours and we're going to another one tomorrow at my aunt's. PJ did a lot of work on the nursery yesterday (fixed the closet - it was a disaster). I want to post pictures of it but I'm waiting for the carpet to be installed on Thursday.

And that is the end of my boring babymaking update for today. :)


These hats from Etsy. For the girls. I didn't think PJ would let me put one on Jack.

I mean come on - how freaking CUTE are these??


Anna said...

Have you seen these onesies for triplets:

Expensive but so so cute!