Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A sure sign that I've over done it the last couple days?


Yep, that's my left leg right now, as we speak. YIKES. I swear, it doesn't always look like that.

Yesterday I went to Short Hills Mall and Target. This morning I had a doctor's appointment (at 8 am) and then a hair appointment (highlights and a cut). After getting my hair done I decided to visit my husband at work (the firehouse) since I never see him anymore. :(

But it's been a lot for me. The doctor this morning told me on the one hand, I'm doing amazingly well - she said my cervix is like a vault it's closed up so tight. BUT she also said I should be doing basically nothing except going to the doctor. Erh, yeah, well.......

I need to ease up a little on how much I'm going out but I told her for my own mental health, I can not stay home and do nothing all day every day. Since I am physically doing so well she said to use my judgment, and listen to my body. Tonight my body is saying , ENOUGH.

So back to the cankles.... when your body is hugely swollen and full of water, what do you think is a good dinner?

Kentucky Fried Chicken of course.

THAT'S RIGHT. Bring on the salt!! It's such a pregnant girl cliche in here right now. There are chicken bones thrown around, greasy fingerprints on the laptop and a gravy stain on my shirt. But it was SO GOOD.

5 Things That Are Making Me HAPPY:

  1. Fried Chicken
  2. Twix (I never had any love of Twix before, but now, I need them like crack)
  3. My hair looks nice. And a woman at the salon thought I was getting my hair cut for back to school...... I should add she was literally about 100 years old and obviously couldn't see too well but still.... I said yes, I am.... 11th grade!!! LOL
  4. My 3 little acrobats who are moving around like crazy and doing so well
  5. This picture of Jack from last week - I know you probably can't even tell what it is... is that a bunny? A map? It's Jack, and he has his hand up against his face....look closely... lol

5 Things That Are NOT Making Me Happy:

  1. Summer tv - enough!!!!! NO MORE. I need entertainment. I even watch Fat March... it's fat people, walking. That's it. Every week.
  2. Summer in general actually. I'm over the heat.
  3. My feet looking like Barney Rubble's.
  4. Rachel Ray. She is SO ANNOYING. Even her audience doesn't laugh at her jokes. But I still watch!! Mostly to yell at the screen.
  5. The sadness that is still Katrina. This country's done a real bang up job down there, eh? Pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Megan - I just found your blog and have to say that you crack me up girl! We missed you at church last night - but a prayer was said for you and the triplets!! Hope to see you soon!! - Kristin

Anonymous said...

Megan - Can you promise to write in this every day because, as you know, you are my ultimate source for humor! Seriously, I'm sitting here reading this and actually laughing out loud!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I wrote that comment - just forgot my name!!! - Lisa