Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another day - 26 weeks 4days

It's been pretty busy around here. Nothing interesting of course, but at least I've had some things to do.

Went shopping for a glider/recliner on Sunday. Didn't buy anything but I think we found one at Bob's. The ones at Babies R Us didn't impress me. I need something big and comfortable and NOW because the sleep thing has gotten worse. I need a big recliner to sleep in. If I lay down it's like all 3 babies come barrelling down into my lungs and I can't breath.

Speaking of up high babies..... went to the Pediatric Cardiologist yesterday and everything looked great - I don't have to go back, YAY. Jack is the one they were worried about (due to his NT scan) but we've seen the cardiologist twice and he said all the babies hearts look fine. That's a big relief.

He did comment yesterday on how high up Jack is, even how much higher than when I was there two weeks ago..... I said, tell me about it! Trying to get away from his sisters already. Maybe this kid thinks he's going to come out my nose. LOL.

Big plans for today are to go and officially register at our church (it's my church, has been forever, but I never registered us as our own family) and then mom is taking me to the happiest place on earth, the Short Hills Mall, specifically Pottery Barn Kids. I need to buy shades and curtains for the windows in the nursery.

I can start getting ready as soon as I'm done doing this:

That's the freaking monitor I have to hook myself up to for an hour every morning and every night. It's a pain.

Here's where I lay my big butt every day, all day....

If you look closely you can see my laptop (well it was my husband's but NO MORE!! LOL), my giant Harry Potter Book, and the grilled cheeese with bacon sandwich I was having for lunch that day. Yummy.

And just for good measure another pic of the world's cutest cat. I take his picture alot. I have nothing else to do.

Notice he has one eyebrow. He never seems to have both sides in at the same time.... one will grow back and the other falls out. It makes him look kind of lop-sided. Cock-eyed. We call him Unibrow.