Saturday, August 25, 2007

Urine Luck!

The cat peed in my laundry basket. That's full of my (formerly) clean laundry.

I went to get a nightgown last night and it was damp.... I thought hmmmm..... guess it wasn't totally dry when I took it out of the dryer. That's okay.

Yes, I almost put it on. But then I got a whiff of a very distinct odor and realized it was covered in cat pee. As was most of my laundry.


Honestly, it's not his fault. He still is BASICALLY the world's best cat. We've turned his life upside down this week - the room we're making into the nursery was sort of his room - his litterbox was in there, his bed, and he's been kind of banished from there and his litterbox moved.

So yesterday ME, trying to be nice and feeling bad for my poor displaced kitty, talked my husband into taking the litterbox outside and dumping it and scrubbing it all nice and shiny clean and putting all new litter in it for my sweet little Leroy. And I think during that time was when he PISSED ALL OVER MY LAUNDRY.

I guess if you gotta go you gotta go but still.......

I texted my husband at work this morning to tell him what happened and he wrote back "At leat it wasn't poop." Thanks.

Good thing he's so cute. The cat, not my husband.

"After she falls asleep, we pee on her huge maternity underpants..... got it?"