Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blonde and tan and trouble

This is Charlotte.

(She told me to take her picture this afternoon, saying “CHEESE MOMMY!”)

She is (I must say) adorable.  She is also tan.  I have girls that tan, despite copious amounts of sunscreen. 

(After I took these she said “Thank you Mommy!” I tried to take Katie’s too but she wasn’t having it.  But here’s one of her from earlier in the day showing how cute she is too.  And tan.)

The girls are so tan because they love to be outside, and love anything to do with water.  We all love our town pool.

Charlotte especially loves the BIG pool.  She will sometimes play in the Kiddie pool but she would much rather play in the BIG pool.  She can’t go in the BIG pool without Mommy though, and so sometimes, when Mommy won’t take her in, she just sits on a bench and pouts.

(This picture is called “Mommy Stinks.  So does the Kiddie Pool.”)

While Katie plays in the Kiddie pool, sweet as could be, having a nice little tea party. 


Charlotte is stubborn.    


She sat on this bench for a good half hour. 


She gazed longingly at the big pool.


Did i mention she’s stubborn?


And adorable.  And oh yeah…. tan.


Blakey Babies said...

Oh my goodness! Charlotte sulking on the bench cracks me up! She might just be more stubborn than my girls.

Joan said...

OMG I don't know how long it has been since I've ready your blog, I can't believe how big they've gotten. Just beautiful!

Barbara Manatee said...

been reading a long time but don't comment often, but just had to say your girls are looking so adorable! Seeing Charlotte pout on the bench was too funny! And Seeing the pics of Katie made me just sing "She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow, polka dot bikini" in my head! Too cute!

How nice that you have a local pool with a kiddie pool, too!!

2Forgetful said...

Cute pics of adorable girls!

Don't worry about the tans too much. My girls are just as tan. *sigh* I did ask the pediatrician about it and he said the biggest thing is that they aren't burning. Which is what I tell people defensively after I tell them I'm using sun screen every freakin' 2 hours.

Wendy said...

haha! These are awesome, M! The girls are so tall!! I can't get over Lala's long legs :)

Jo said...

oh my - cute tan blondes! My blondies just burn.

I love your photos ... following your blog too.

Happy 4th.


Anonymous said...

How do you tell them apart?! Seriously! :) I'm sorry, but they still look exactly the same to me. :/

Rebecca Nixie said...

Happy 4th!!! Love the pouty Charlotte and the Happy and Content Katie!! Love the suits!!

Michele said...

I totally wish we lived closer. Lily and Katie could have their tea party, and Madeleine and Charlotte could hang together in the big pool. They totally match up.

~Jess said...

They're both too adorable! Charlotte looks so grown up on that park bench (and stubborn).

I just found this out the other day...sunscreen vs sunblock: You can still get a tan with does allow some of the rays to get through, where as block prevents any rays from coming through and thus getting a tan. Didn't realize there was a difference until this summer.

Amanda said...

Bwahhh! That is too damn funny. I am pretty impressed that she sat on the bench that long-mine would have just jumped into the big pool and ignored me. And I am jealous of their tans!!!!

Kathy said...

Those pictures are CLASSIC. love them all. Lala is like my RJ. Stubborn little buggers. lol

Anonymous said...

Okay...gotta know if it was Charlotte that was pouting on the bench last year because she was too hot at the playground. That picture totally cracked me up. Now this one of Charlotte on the bench does too. She is just oozing with personality!!!

cindy said...

Nice pictures! She is looking so sweet. Anyways, Nice Blog!!