Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy Day

I spent the last few days prompting the girls on Father’s Day.   I told them it was Daddy’s special day, so they had to say Happy Daddy’s Day to PJ.  And they did.  Katie told him “Happy You Day, Daddy!”

They (of course) adore their daddy.  Charlotte in particular is a Daddy’s girl.  She wakes up in the morning and says, “Where’s Daddy?  I need to hug him!”  When i won’t give in to her or let her have her way, she sits and cries “I want my Daddy.  Daddy, help me!”  She loves to talk about how loud he can burp which to a 2 year old is just pure comedy genius.  Everything that doesn’t work in the house, the girls say “Daddy can fix it.  Don’t worry Mommy, Daddy will fix it.”  In their eyes, there’s nothing he can’t do.  Maybe they’re right. 


Daddy and Charlotte, in a picture taken by Katie.


momma mara said...

Wow, the girls look JUST like PJ!