Monday, May 17, 2010

Hair Do’s (and Don’ts)

A few weeks ago I took the girls to get their hair cut, and had them cut Charlotte's in a bob. It was actually just like my hair cut - shorter in the back, a little longer in the front, and it came out just too too cute.

I purposely DIDN'T have Katie's cut like that, because I wanted them to look different. I had them trim hers, and flip up the ends and at the time it looked adorable but on a day to day basis, it was pretty much just a mess. Both girls have inherited my hair which has it goods points (it's THICK and at their age it's a really pretty color) but it also has it's not so great points (tons of cowlicks and weird waves – later in life they will both become very good friends with the straightening iron, I’m sure).

The other night Katie's hair was driving me nuts, and her bangs had gotten way too long, so being an idiot I figured, how hard could it be to trim her bangs myself? While they were in the tub that night i tried to cut them and of course she didn't cooperate or sit still. They didn't look THAT bad though - until she woke up the next morning and i saw her hair completely dry.

Let's just say YIKES. I did a BAD bad job.

So, off we went to the hair dresser to try and get it fixed, where the sweet woman who cuts their hair kept saying “Mommy, don’t cut their hair again! Please!” and now Katie has a haircut like Charlotte's. Except with much shorter bangs. PJ calls her Buster Brown. I just call her ADORABLE.

It has made them look much more alike though, again. Even I've had a few moments of getting them confused.  DSC01894 DSC01903  DSC01895   DSC01883

It’s also made them look so grown up.  My pretty babies are definitely little girls. 


Sarah said...

Those haircuts are adorable!

Liz said...


I'm Molly said...

So cute! Maybe I'm in the minority but I love when they look and dress alike. They won't want to when they are older so you have to take advantage while you can ; )

I was 13-months older than my sister and my mom always dressed us and cut our hair alike!

Emily said...

What gorgeous girls! Those haircuts do make them look like such little ladies. By the way, I love your new blog layout. It fits your site perfectly!

Amanda said...

What cutie-pies! I tried to cut Mackenzie's hair for the first time last week, and she looks like Tweedle-Dee. Not the look I was going for!

Anonymous said...

The girls look adorable and I am happy to have you posting again.

Former CT Nestie

Wendy said...

omg! They look so cute!!

Anonymous said...

I am torn between letting Miss M keep her long locks and getting a shorter cut for her. I, too, have hacked away at her bangs and had my hand slapped by their stylist. D...well, he has my curls and for now...he is going to be a buzz cut boy. But I just always wanted my daughter to have what I couldn't, which is long hair. But lately, it is "no mommy, don't touch my hair" and she fights to have it washed, and combed I will probably relent and chop "some" of it off. If I can chop 8 inches off and not lose can she.....

I love the Buster Brown bit....made me feel a little old...but okay....I'm in denial here.