Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Pretty much the only thing that's been going on around here in the past week is SNOW. Like most of the East Coast, we got hit with another big storm. Yes, I said another. And every.single.time it has ever snowed since I think the day I started dating my husband, he has had to work at the firehouse. It never fails - snow day is a work day for him. So that means I've been snowed in, alone, with Katie and Charlotte.

We actually had a lot of fun, though it does start to become less fun as the hours tick by and the stir craziness sets in.

We watched movies (Cinderella, of course), baked cookies, played with Play Doh, colored, played in the snow, watched Nick Jr, dressed up like princesses, painted their nails (fingers and toes), did puzzles, read books, repeat repeat repeat.

Some of the key things that kept the girls occupied included:

Play Doh. Charlotte does not seem to care about my OCD and insists on mushing all the colors together in such a methodical way that I can never, ever separate them again.

DSC00765 DSC00762

My Little Sandbox. This toy has kept them entertained for hours. It literally is just a little tiny sandbox (that costs $30... for sand. in a box.) There are all different versions but the girls have the Kitty Tea Party one because they love kitties and tea parties. Although it strikes me as kind of gross, all those little plastic cats in a big box of sand. I don't think they'd really be having tea parties in there, if you get my drift.

DSC01096 DSC01090

At one point Charlotte came over and told me she didn't like it anymore and she didn't like sand. I couldn't imagine what happened until i heard the distinct crunching sound of her chewing on it. Once i convinced her no one liked to eat sand, she went back to having kitty tea parties.

Team Umi Zoomi. This is the newest show on Nick Jr. My children are madly passionately in love with it. Unfortunately there are only about 7 episodes, so please, Nick Jr, for the love of God make more and make them fast. If i have to watch them help the sick milkman get the milk to town ONE MORE TIME I might go stark raving mad.

Really though, it's a nice little show. No one is naughty and nothing is scary, it's all very colorful and sweet and aimed at teaching toddlers 'math'. It has taught my girls what a rectangle is, I'll give them that. Katie loved the show the moment she saw it (and walks around singing the song about raise your hands HIGH to the sky which is just insanely cute) so it somehow became "Katie's Show". The second it comes on they both yell KATIE'S SHOW! and then thank me profusely, as if i somehow made it myself just for them.

Cupcakes. No, not even real cupcakes. Just pictures of cupcakes. A new cupcake shop opened in town and my aunt gave me the menu to drool over. Only the menu has been taken over by Katie, who carries it around and looks at it all day. She even insists on napping with it. She peruses the pages of cupcakes, pointing to each one and rubbing her tummy while saying "Mama, look at this one! mmmm, yummy!" It's painfully cute but a little bit disturbing. No two year old should love cupcakes quite that much.

DSC01098 DSC01099

Here's a little video of the morning of one of our snow days. It showcases the giggles that go on between the girls now (as well as Charlotte’s high pitched squeal which is killing me). At the end when they both stop what they're doing, stare at the tv and thank me, yep, Zoomi came on. Katie is in her pajamas, Charlotte is dressed. Who even remembers why.

It's been fun, but we are all really really ready for spring.


Ami said...

Oh My gosh! That was absolutely adorable! I love, love, love the giggles and yes, that is incredibly too cute that they thank you for "magically putting on their show!" Thanks for sharing that! Sending some Arizona Sunshine your way! :)

Ami :)

Alana said...

LOVE the tickling/tackling/giggling on the couch. TOOOOOO sweet! Looks like a great time! :)

Wendy said...

We have all of the exact same outfits- even the heart/princess jammies in the video! L wears the pink shirt with the flower button M wears the blue with the flower thing. Lil wears the pink hearts jammies and the brown and pink flower carters tunic though :P Molly wears a blue and green tunic. The four of them are totally going to share clothes when we move there and they are Bffs :)

Linda said...

That was awesome! Love the giggles. I keep saying that whoever made that umizoomi show really did their research because my kids were crazy for it from the get go.

Lotta said...

Get out - so big and grown! Last time I was at your blog they were wee babies!

bexx said...

when you get sick of the sand or it gets "lost" out of the box, you can always use rice, oatmeal, rice krispies, cheerios,corn meal, all sorts of things instead of sand.

Patyrish said...

They are pure joy. Sweet girls.