Sunday, February 21, 2010


My poor husband is so outnumbered.

He tried to sit down this afternoon with the girls and watch Cars.  It was actually my idea.  They love Cinderella, and while we were in Costco today Cars was showing on all the televisions.  They SEEMED fascinated with it.  So I came home and said, after nap why don’t you all watch Cars? 

They didn’t last long.  They just weren’t interested.

After about half an hour he gave up and I put on Sleeping Beauty and they were enthralled.  Not only enthralled but insisted on dressing up in ‘princess’ clothes while we were watching. 

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I am a girly girl.  I love princesses and tiaras and dresses and sparkle and I always have.  When I was five i would tell people my name was Cinderella but they could call me Cindy.  I had the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack (on a vinyl record, of course, because I’m old) and listened to it constantly.  When I found out we were having two little girls I hoped they would love all these things too.  I couldn’t wait to watch Cinderella, and Snow White and Sleeping Beauty with them.

And yet……  I wish they had also loved Cars.  Though it was unspoken, the air was thick with thoughts of Jack.  I’m sure if he’d been here, Daddy would have had someone to watch and love Cars with him.

I know someday the girls will like Cars and we will all talk about Jack, and how much we know he would have loved it too (and I bet he would have loved Cinderella because come on…. he was my boy.  :)

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Patty said...

They are definitely girlie girls. Love the socks with the princess dresses. Just adorable.

Lauren said...

Megan, maybe we can work out a swap. Cars is on all.the.time at my house. I'd love to sit down to Cinderella and play dress-up once in awhile. ;)

Anonymous said...

This post brought tears to my eyes.....ok all your posts are so touching and real. Thank you for sharing! Your little princesses are adorable! Jack is always remembered!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep trying with Cars. My daughter was the same way at first and I kept trying. That and Walmart has fabulous girly pink Cars sneakers with Lightning and Sally on them that light up. That won my daughter over very fast!

Cindy said... bittersweet. (((hugs)))

I chose your blog for an award...please come by to pick it up. :-)