Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Night Night

I went to Atlantic City this weekend for two days, and while it was fun (oh, how I love the slots) my girls are now extra super duper clingy. I will admit that I feel really really (REALLY) loved though. It's nice to be told over and over again, "Mommy I love you! Mommy, I missed you. Mommy, you're back, I'm happy you're back!" Yeah, I'm definitely loving this whole talking thing.

Charlotte and Katie are both starting to say some funny things, although as I'm sure all parents realize, they say exactly what I say. Every little phrase I utter is now repeated over and over. At dinner the other night Charlotte wouldn't eat and Katie told her "Try it Lala... you'll like it! I promise!" It's like having a mini me.

Lala has started calling everyone 'guys', which she gets from her Dad. She lined her animals up on the couch the other night, covered them carefully with a blanket and then told them "Night night guys!" Later Katie took them and threw them all on the floor. Lala came back and saw them and said repeatedly "OH NO GUYS! What happened? Poor guys!"

Charlotte and her guys, before Katie wreaked havoc

We have a Yo Gabba Gabba CD that has been playing in the car relentlessly. I love a song on it by the Roots that the girls call Mommy's song.. The SECOND it starts playing they both yell "Mommy's song!! Mommy, your song!"

And then there's Bedtime Lullaby. On the Gabba episode it accompanied a sweet little cartoon of a mouse, drifting off to sleep, dreaming of hopping in his rocket ship and zooming through a happy little universe filled with candy. It reminded me of Jack. One day after seeing it PJ said the same thing, that it reminded him of Jack. So that became Jack's song.

And the second the song starts playing, Lala always yells "Jack's song! Jack's song! Aw, night night Jack."

Yes, I love this talking thing.

(this is almost impossible to find online due to copyright issues, but evidently many other people love it too, as there's a ton of these videos people made and posted right off their televisions)


NewsPhotoGirl said...

So cute! And I love that Roots song. We are definitely big Yo Gabba Gabba fans here. That CD gets played over and over in our lovely minivan.

Heather said...

Had to comment to say that I love the picture of Charlotte and her "guys". She is just like my Charlotte with her "buddies".

Amanda said...

My fave Gabba song is "Please don;t throw things at friends". It;s os catchy that I find myself humming it. I think I need an intervention!

Rebecca Nixie said...

Awww... everything about this entry is so cute!!!

Alana said...

SO sweet! :)

Linda said...

I love that Roots song too. :-) I LOVE in the photo of the 'guys' Muno's head popping out. I literally LOL'd when I saw it.

Jenny Leger said...

love, love, love this post!! i have followed you for some time and this post made me smile! i have twin girls that are going to be 11 on april 1st. that seems SOOO very old, but they are surely still my babies. i love hearing the stages your girls are going through. i thoroughly loved having my twins and all the craziness that went along with it. i also had an older daughter that was 22months when they were born. so i had three girls under the age of 2 for 6 weeks or so. it was insane, but i wouldn't trade that time or the memories for anything on this earth. all that to say... thanks for this post. it brought back fabulous memories! have a fantastic weekend.

Anonymous said...

The song is beautiful! I think about you and Jack and the girls often. Your posts always touch me. Thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

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