Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Okay

Back in October at the the girls' two year check up I mentioned to the pediatrician I was a little concerned about Charlotte's talking. She COULD talk, and had at least 50 words, she just used them sparingly, and wasn't really putting words together or talking nearly as much as Katie. The pediatrician told me she felt that Charlotte was fine, she thought within a month or two LaLa would have a huge verbal explosion.

And that is exactly what happened. It's like she just woke up one day, right after Christmas, and decided okay, I'm ready to start talking. Now we call her The Chatterbox and it's hard to believe I was worried she was going to be a mute only two months ago.

As I long suspected, she is a character.

Charlotte is very verbal about emotion, she is always telling me "I'm happy!" or "I'm sad!" or "I'm scared!" (of monsters, she says.... how she even knows about monsters, I'm not sure). She will point out pictures in books and say "He's sad! Look Mama, aw, sad..." She gets upset when she hears another child crying "OH NO! Baby's crying, aw, it's okay baby!"

The other day a commercial came on and she told me that the baby was crying. A few minutes later I made her get down off our coffee table for the ten thousandth time and she said "I'M SAD! Now LaLa crying! WAH!" (and yes she says WAH! WAH! WAH! like a big faker. It drives me nuts.)

Meryl Streep of the Malia Family

Together with Katie they're like a comedy team. I am proud that they are almost PAINFULLY polite. They say 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' constantly. They also love to tell me "No thanks."

Katie, come here and get dressed/eat your breakfast/pick up these toys/etc....
No thanks, Mama.
Yes, come here!
No thanks. Mama, no thanks!


Katie, always polite in her defiance. And notice they are BOTH sitting on my coffee table.

Their favorite thing to do though is to comfort you. It's really very sweet. And pure (evil) genius.

If one of them is hurt or upset, the other will say "It's okay, it's okay" in the sweetest little voice, and rub their sister's arm. It will melt your heart.

And if I am upset or angry about something they've done, they do the same thing. Do you know hard it is to discipline a two year old who constantly responds with "It's okay Mama, it's okay.... shhh, shhhh, it's okay..." Pat pat pat on the knee.

Yeah. It's pretty hard. I try telling them NO it's not okay! It's not okay you dumped the cereal on the ground! Drew with crayons all over the coffee table! Pulled all the stuffing out of that bear! Hit me in the head with a block!

It's okay Mama, shhh, it's okay. ((BIG HUG))

I'm being patronized by them. And it's totally working. I end up feeling like an overreacting lunatic. You're right Katie, it's okay. True, Charlotte, it's alright, it is only yogurt all over the carpet. It's okay.

See. Evil geniuses.


JustaKidAtHeart said...

OMG that is funny and so smart. Better start looking into bars for your windows. LOL

brandie said...

ha ha i love it, they're too cute!

monica said...

How smart she is! That is funny how they say No thank you to you!

Stephanie said...

You make me laugh!! I have a just two year old as well and she does the same. After a timeout she turns to me and says "thank you, Mommy!!!" So funny, which makes it so hard to discipline them :) I have read your blog for a while. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs.

NewsPhotoGirl said...

I love it! Two year olds could rule the world.

Anonymous said...

You win the funniest mommy award!!!! Your girls are so adorable & I can see by your blogs that they have great personalities!! You are such a wonderful mommy!!!

Susannah said...

They crack me up! Super cute sweeties though!

Joyce said...

I love how they use No Thanks in perfect context!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for the little window you allow us into your life. I started checking in and praying for your family when the kids were babies. Your girls CRACK me up. They are just dripping and oozing with personality. What cuties. Their expressions in your pictures are the best. Continuing to pray for you all!

Jody said...

I can totally picture those two ganging up on you with politeness and sweetness. It's brilliant!

FWIW, my Charlotte just did the same thing with talking. She went from a few words here or there to speaking like whoa, all in the last week or so. I think that she could have spoken all along, but figured... why bother?