Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now with MORE begging!

Thank you all SO much for voting for Multiple Baby Pileup on the Bump's contest. It was a realllly close race, Pam is an awesome blogger (and competitor!) but we WON!! SO excited!

I feel sort of strange writing here right now though, at least until the competition is over. Sort of under the microscope if that makes any sense.

The only way I've been able to keep this blog is to delude myself into believing no one I know was really reading it. I knew my friends were reading it (as in the Nesties) but that was fine - there was nothing I wrote here I wouldn't tell them myself. But people like my family, my high school friends, old coworkers, my in-laws.... I convinced myself they knew nothing about it, even after some of them mentioned it to me. I would just quickly change the subject because, like I said, I just couldn't focus on the fact that all these people read what I wrote here.

No kidding myself now. This contest has been plastered all over Facebook - every.single.person I have ever known in my entire life, it feels like, knows about MBP. And I'm okay with that. But I might keep trying to convince myself no one is really reading it, they're just voting for it. :)

Tomorrow is Charlotte and Katie's two year check up with the pediatrician. It feels like forever since we've been there. I think they're doing really well, though I am a little concerned about Charlotte's talking. Katie is blabbering away, she is hysterical - it's like living with a mimic. Everything I say comes out of her mouth two seconds later.... "Oh no!! Hmmmm, I know! Wait a minute! I said come on!! Hurry up! Let's go!! GO GO GO!!"

Charlotte has a lot of words, but she uses them begrudgingly at times, and still doesn't really use two words together, except for an occasional "No thanks" or "Hi cat!" I wouldn't say I'm worried, and I think if I didn't have Katie I wouldn't think anything of it. But it's hard not to compare.

Today was a beautiful fall day, and we took full advantage of it, visiting two playgrounds and the zoo. I don't know about Katie and LaLa, but I'm exhausted. Those two are maniacs.

These two LOVE to climb, and are (terrifyingly!) good at it.

Hey, ducks!! You want a pretzel, duck?

LaLa trying to climb in with the very stinky elks and bison. P.U.

Pigs, look, pigs!

What? the pigs want my candy corn!

Bye giant ducks! Or geese!! Whatever you are! Bye bye!


Tracey's Life said...

Your girls are so adorable and getting so big! I love the Halloween shirts - priceless!!

Star said...

I do the same thing with my blog. I forget that its on the www and everyone and anyone can read it.

I was at a friends party once and one of her friends came up to me excitedly and told me she was a fan. She then went on to ask my questions about my life in a knowing way and it was odd for a stranger to know so much (even though I write about most everything right in the open).

Another time, I was dropping off something in my neighborhood and got recognized. It was odd.

I sometimes I do not want to assume my friends are reading so i'll start my stories as "I'm not sure if you read my blog but..."