Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big City

I miss the beach.

But, even being back home we are still having a great summer. Today we had this summer's first trip to the pool and I think it's safe to say the girls liked it, especially Katie, also known as "the Fish." That kid loves the water.

Yesterday we had another big milestone - the girls first trip into New York City!! We only live about 25 miles outside the city, but we don't seem to go in very often. I had signed up to try out for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (which was a bust - don't look for me sitting across from Meredith anytime soon) and we decided as long as I was going in we would all go!

We went in early and visited my uncle at his law firm on Madison Avenue. The girls liked his big windows, big chair and big desk.

Then PJ and my aunt took them to Central Park while I went and failed the Millionaire test. After a long walk back to the car, then a long ride home (through the Lincoln Tunnel which I think was the girls favorite part of the trip, they ooohed and aahhed through the whole thing, clapping when we finally reached the end) we got home safe and sound and tired.

Then Charlotte sat on the couch and promptly threw up all over herself. Just when I was thinking wow, LaLa didn't even get carsick! Glad she gets to keep her title as The Puker.

All in all though, a good day. The girls seemed to like the city, they had wide eyes the whole time- pointing at everything. We have to go back soon - I see an FAO Schwartz visit in our future.


Tracey's Life said...

Oh my goodness, where have your babies gone??? They look like such Big Girls now in those photos.

You are an awesome Mom, and you are going such a terrific job raising them. I just love reading your blog and hearing about your children, keep up the awesome job!

Kim and Dave said...

Your family is so beautiful! And those outfits are so cute!

Ms. Perky said...

Oh my gosh. WHEN did they get so BIG?

Anonymous said...

UM, how ADORABLE are those outfits?!?!?! Definitely something I would wear :) (hmm odd I said that about one of their bathing suits too on FB haha). Sounds like you guys are having a GREAT summer, those trips are definitely what memories are made of and the girls will hold on to for a lifetime.

Following Him said...

The office picts look like the girls are full-fledged toddlers more babies :( At least they had fun! Glad the Big City was a success!

Marti said...

They look so cute!!! Glad it was a fun day!! Just a thought - my dr. told me to give my daughter benadryl for car rides. We also do airplane. It helps with car sicknesses. I have also found watching tv works - don't know why???

Kori said...

I'm a lurker who has followed you fromt he Nest, and maybe you've addressed this before...but I, too, have a puker. Have you tried Dramamine for Charlotte? I was somewhat hesitant, but finally caved and it has been a lifesaver. I just have to be sure to give it to him 30min-1hr before we go on a longish car trip, and it does the trick! Worth a try!