Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fenced In

Thank you all so much for the notes on my last entry. I wish I was truly half as good a mom as you all think I am.

Because I have my moments, believe me. I had a few today actually when Charlotte refused to take a nap, at all, period, ALL DAY.... then wouldn't go to bed after being up for 13 plus hours straight and screamed so hard in the literally five minutes I let her cry that she threw up all over her crib. She finally conked out from just pure exhaustion but I have a feeling she's not done. Could be a long night.

I'm not sure what the cause of this insanity is. My guess is that it's payback for PJ and I having the nerve to go out last night and leave Charlotte and Katie home with my mom and aunt. Whenever we go out without them it takes them days to get over it. My mom says that means I need to leave them more often. After the hell we went through today I don't think I'll ever go out without them again. Wait..... maybe that was Charlotte's plan all along.... genius!! LOL

Other than today things have been great. The girls are cracking me up, they are so funny and such CHARACTERS. I will have to elaborate on that next time... when it isn't almost midnight and my brain isn't mush.

We fenced in our front yard last week so the girls would have some place to play. We have literally NO backyard but a huge front yard on an unfortunately pretty busy street. The fence is the best thing we ever did - the girls love it out there... the first day it was up they just ran around the yard in circles laughing and rolling in the grass.

We bought them a little playhouse for out there and it's a huge hit. My kids love the outdoors, we're at the park almost every day and when we get home they just want to play in the yard. I have no idea where they get this from. I am totally ANTI outside unless there's laying on a beach involved... must be from their father!


Ashley & Stephen Bauch said...

Hi, I don't really remember how I found your blog but I have truly enjoyed reading it. My girls are exactly one month older than yours-born on September 11th. Yours daughters are beautiful and your Jack was a beautiful boy. I have a Jack too so I have a soft spot for them.

You have a wonderful gift for writing. Your post on the comments twin moms get was hilarious-and so true!

Anyway, I love reading your blog and keep up the good work!


Randi said...

I think my boys have the same little house! We are going to fence our nonexistent yard as well because the boys just love being there!
I love your blog. I love your family. You are doing good for the blog community.

Linda said...

I LOVE that pic of Charlotte at the door ringing the door bell. It cracks me up! We had a vomit at bedtime the other day too. Good times.

MrsAmandaMqn said...

I rarely comment but am a long time follower and wanted to tell you how beautiful your girls are! They are getting so big!

Tracey's Life said...

How absolutely adorable. Don't know what to tell you about Charlotte, but if it was separation anxiety, she will outgrow it - I promise!

The Arthur Family said...

I love your blog! I love this post...because our fence guy is coming to fence in our yard tomorrow AND I bought the same Neat & Tidy Cottage for our daughter. She LOVES the great outdoors! :)