Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Sanibel

Ah, Sanibel Island.... it is really a lovely place. I highly recommend a vacation there. It is very nice - quiet, pretty, safe, clean - we loved it. We kept saying we can't wait to go back.

It was hard to leave the girls, the night before we left I started to feel a little freaked out about going, but like everyone said, once we got there it was fine. I missed them but I was also able to savor every single moment of peace and quiet. We owe my parents so much for taking such good care of the girls.

I kept telling my husband, the best part of the whole week to me was SLEEP. I feel like i haven't had a good nights sleep in two years, starting when i was pregnant. To be able to sleep without having one 'ear' open, constantly listening for that cry or cough or whine. I slept like a log every single night. The first night down there I was asleep by 10:30.

So, we slept, ate and sat on the beach. That's it. We tried to figure exactly how many shrimp PJ had eaten over the course of the week and seriously, it was well over 100. We both went on a seafood free for all!

And our room was RIGHT ON THE BEACH. I definitely recommend the Seaside Inn if you go down's not fancy but it's nice and clean and everyone was so so friendly.

Coming home though,might have been the best part of the week. The looks on the girls faces this morning when they woke up and there we were, they were just JOY. Charlotte could not stop giggling, they were so happy. I feel like I am seeing my girls through new eyes - i can see how BIG they are, how much they know, how grown up. Katie says UP! and CAR! and Charlotte says MOO! and they are so smart and funny and I adore them even more than a week ago if that's possible.

Our last day...nice and tan (*cough* burned *cough*). We never learn.


Kitty Laird said...

So, so thrilled for you that you were able to get away (and sleep). You two deserve it.

Lani said...

I love Sanibel too.. so peaceful and non-commercial compared to the rest of the beaches down here:) Glad you got to get away!

Following Him said...

Glad you got some good sleep and were refreshed to come home! both are jealous :)
Happy Easter!

JackiJaguar said...

So happy to hear that both of you got some me time...and some sleep :) Enjoy your Easter, thinking of you and your family.

Rebecca Nixie said...

I'm so glad you had a great time and got lots of well deserved sleep!!! Hopefully you and PJ were able to reconnect too!!!

Tootie said...

You two look so cute, and relaxed. Sanibel sure gives you peace and relaxation. Even though it was hard to leave your little ones behind, I'm sure it was good for them too. It will be harder when they get a little older and want to go too. :-)

One of my daughters and her family were here this week. Their ages are 15 and 16, there was no leaving them at home. Ha!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Yea! So pleased you were able to have some R&R time with PJ! :)

Linda said...

Jealous.....that's the word. :-) Glad you got away though!

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

So glad you got the opportunity to go! We all deserve the chance to recharge and enjoy eating without hurrying through while the little ones are happy. That's what I enjoy most when we do get the chance to be without kids...meals without whining and 5 different orders!! Hope you get to do it again next year!

Lynn said...

You've made me desperately miss Sanibel...we vacationed there when I was little and it was paradise. We've been pondering going there later in the year - I think you've helped me make up our minds! haha!
What a beautiful getaway for you!