Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cabin Fever

Winter continues. Colds go on, snot flows in unending rivers. Lots of time is being spent in the house. And this is how we are all feeling (as shown by Katie in the world's shortest video):


It was a looooong week. Hopefully next week is a little warmer, a little healthier, and a little more exciting. I think a coma may be a little more exciting than this past week.

Today we braved the cold and took the girls to the park and they were in HEAVEN (and really, it wasn't that cold). Spring cannot come soon enough for them. I always loved winter and dreaded the warm weather - until I had two small maniacs that I am responsible for keeping not only healthy but entertained. Pay no attention to the fact that they are starting to literally burst out of their coats and the hats just BARELY made it around their heads.... they all fit fine back in October!

And now, yet more entertainment from the past week this time courtesy of LaLa. By spring we should have a band!


Abbie said...

They are so adorable! One of my dogs ran over when she heard Katie playing and watched the screen as I played it for her a few times! She loved it! I am hoping for warm weather soon too!

Lindsay said...

So glad you could get out for a bit.

Brian and Debbie said...

I could've written parts of your post myself. I'm having the problem of busing out of winter clothes too. Didn't anyone tell them they can't changes sizes mid season????
And G entertained herself w/a tube like Lala for an hour the other day. I swear the dumbest stuff makes babies happy!

Glad you got out to the park! Hopefully it tired them out!

Anonymous said...

Lol super cute!

Linda said...

I feel the EXACT same way about winter and summer now. I used to hate summer in NYC, now I'm counting down the days!
Hope everyone is feeling better!

Following Him said...

Hope you guys have some warmer weather soon! Can't believe spring is right around the corner (hopefully)!

Olivia said...

That is the!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The girls are getting so big. Warmer weather is on the way - hang in there. We are all a little tired of this wind and cold. They both sound like they are musically inclined!!! Cute cute :)
An admirer from the Jersey Shore

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Can't wait to hear the band this spring. Your girls continue to be SUCH cuties! :)

BananaBlueberry said...

We have cabin fever down here too.

The weather on the east coast is supposed to warm up at the end of the week-

I'm so ready for Spring-

setting the clocks forward happens in less than 2 weeks

Gallagators said...

I sympathize! both my boys have colds and every time I take them out I feel guilty, yet I HATE just staying home! Can't wait for wellness and warmer weather!

Tracie (Davezwife from SaIF) said...

I just wanted to share something with you... my husband is on call this week, something he DREADS! Each time he gets the phone from his co-worker, it has an annoying ringtone on it that just makes the fact that it's ringing all the more irritating. I hate on-call week. It makes the whole house pissy.
Well, this time the ringtone was different. I could not put my finger on it, but it was, well, nice. It calmed me, and Davez didn't get so irritated when it rang. Could not figure it out. Until 4am this morning... it's the Alicia Keys song for Jack.
So please know that somewhere, in the midwest, there are a couple people that think of Jack, each and every time the phone rings. Well, at least for the week. haha.

Heidi said...

I'm having the same problem with Conner's clothing. All of a sudden he's wearing belly shirts. lol I love your videos. Too cute!