Monday, December 3, 2007

I remember sleep...

Babies are really cute so that you don't throw them out the window in the middle of the night when you are exhausted and frustrated and they are WIDE AWAKE and want to be entertained. That's my theory anyway.

My girls are so good, they really are, but they're still babies. We were spoiled with the whole teeny preemie thing because they were so little, they pretty much ate, slept and pooped. Now that they're big and healthy, they actually CRY. And stay awake. And want to eat even though it's not time to eat, like say at 1:30 in the morning. And again and 4:30.

I feel like they're tag-teaming me. Charlotte and Katie had some kind of secret meeting and decided... ok, i'll take the midnight to 3am shift... as soon as I fall asleep, you wake up and want to be held and demand food even though we just ate... got it??

I'm really tired. Today was nuts. NO sleep last night, PJ is at work today until tomorrow. Phone rang off the hook, PSE&G showed up to read the meter, my brother came over with our Christmas tree, on and on. I just wanted to lay down and take a snooze, but nooooo.....
And now, 11:59 pm, Charlotte is staring at me from her Boppy. It must be her shift.

Oh well. Like I said, they are very cute. Good thing. See?

We'll be going to Philly Wednesday to Thursday. We have a meeting with Jack's doctors Thursday morning to discuss results from pulmonary and neurology, and talk about how he's doing, etc. I can't wait to see him, I miss him so much. Four days is TOO LONG to go without seeing him. And to be honest, I'm really looking forward to sleeping in a hotel for a night. But what I really want is to see Jack, and hopefully hear some more good news.

Fight the power Jack!!!


CRS said...

You know, I've always wondered how the nighttime thing works with twins (or more). I know I sure am exhausted as hell, and I only have one screaming (although cute, as you mentioned!) baby to deal with!

I hope the meeting on Thursday goes well and that you can nap on the ride to Philly!


heeda said...

Awww....they are all getting so big. Jack looks great! Enjoy your time with Jack this week. I hope that the meeting goes well on Thursday. GOOD LUCK!

Heidi (heida73)

GuardianOfEden said...

Oh, Megan...I had the same theory! It must be the truth then. G-d made babies and puppies so cute to SAVE THEM! I'm happy to hear you being wry and spunky :-) Good things are on their way. I will continue my prayers for You, for PJ, for Katie & Charlotte and, as always, a great big giant prayer just for Jack. I am praying for his health, as always, but also for GREAT NEWS on Thursday as you meet with his doctors. ~Sharon/GuardianOfEden

Anonymous said...

LOL. Hang in there - I remember all to well how rough it was with one, I can't imagine 2! After a while though your body just adjusts to serious lack of sleep, and fortunately it doesn't take much to entertain them at this age :)

I hope all goes well on Thursday with Jack. Enjoy a good nights rest!


Sommer said...

I agree!!!! How could you get angry at a little cutie. I know its hard.. not sleeping.. but your body will become used to it and it really doesn't last that long considering what you have in return :). This is the time to snuggle them as much as possible. Thats what i do. Good luck on thursday,, still praying for all you guys :)

Liz said...

They are definitely cute for a reason!! That is what I tell my niece when she's had a poop explosion too... ;)

Have a safe trip to Philly & send Jack tons of love from all of us!!

xo Liz

Linda said...

Your girls must be in contact with my two. I've given up on sleep for the next few months. Can I come to the hotel with you?? lol Sal and I say every morning 'It's a good thing they're cute!'

Anonymous said...

They all look great! LOL at the tag teaming you comment!!! Continued vibes for little Jack!!!

Gillian said...

Yeah for hotels!! I know it sounds awful, but when Toby was still little, I used to CRAVE going on the road for work so I could catch up on my sleep, lol! I can't get over what little buttlerball's they are becoming-- and that's a GOOD thing!!

Best of luck with the meeting at CHoP on Thursday.. nothing but GOOD news, please! Much vibes continuing..

And like Sharon said, SO glad to hear your 'old self' shining through once again! :-)

Anonymous said...

The cute theory, yes, why else would you change stinky diapers and tolerate having throw-up on your perfectly good clothes ?
I say a daily prayer for Jack, with hopes that you will have the pleasure of the third tag-team member soon. I can't imagine what shift he'll take!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Mother of 6 month old twin boys and I know how you feel! The best is yet to come...wait until they start to sleep through the night and then they begin teething!! All the restless, sleepness nights start all over agian!!! I agree w/ you; I think they plan the tag team crying!!!! What cracks me up is how one can sleep while the other is having a screaming fit but as soon as you start to walk out the door once they are FINALLY asleep and the floor creaks, they both wake up and the fun starts all over agian! Hang in there, we will sleep again!!!Best of luck on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Hoping your meeting today goes well. We are praying for little Jack! Keep up the good work Momma!

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets