Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Due Date

Today was my due date... it's hard to believe that these three most likely wouldn't have been born until now if they'd been singletons. They seem so huge to me, when really they're the size of a regular newborn (or smaller).

So, Happy Due Date my babies. I was so upset you were all born early, but now I realize it just meant I got to spend more time with you. I've loved seeing the girls grow from little tiny baby birds into healthy chubby babies.

I still wish Jack had stayed in longer, I can't help but wonder if he would have been able to breathe. I know his month and half here hasn't been easy or pleasant for him - he was much happier floating around inside mom, I'm sure. But I cant change it. And I cherish every second I've spent with him over the last 7 weeks too.

Jack on Tuesday:

I had friends over last night, and it was really nice. I am so lucky to have so many amazing women that I call friend... they brought us a ton of food to freeze and have for dinners (YUM!) and money they'd collected from other girls on the Nest to help us with our expenses going back and forth to CHoP.... $600!!!! I can't get over it. These are the same women who threw me a baby shower and paid for our $1,000 triplet stroller. It's incredible. The woman on the NJ Nest Board have been like a second family for me this last year. The support and encouragement I've received from everyone there is overwhelming. I don't even know how to explain how much it's changed our lives. Thank you, everyone who contributed. It will definitely help, more than you know.

PJ is going tomorrow to see Jack and I'm going Sunday - hopefully!! If the snow holds out. If the weather is bad I might take the train, we'll see. Come snow, sleet or rain, I'll get there. :)

The good news today is Jack is in a regular crib!! No more hospital NICU bed. That's a step in the right direction. I can't wait to see him... I know it will make him look even more like a normal, healthy baby. Go Jack, go!!

I ordered Christmas stockings for the babies from Pottery Barn Kids the other night. It's their first Christmas, but at the same time Jack will probably not be home. I don't want to deprive the girls of ANYTHING, but it just won't be the same without him there. Maybe we will get a Christmas Miracle and all be here together. That is the ONLY present I want this year.


Katethegreat10 said...

He's absolutely precious. And I love the chubby cheeks the girls are developing. I'm keeping them, especially Jack, in my thoughts and prayers.
Kate (katethegreat10)

Anonymous said...

I'll keep praying that your Christmas miracle comes true!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little boy! Great news about the crib too! I too will keep praying you get your christmas miracle!

Natalie (natalie042205)

Anonymous said...

Love the video of Jack and what a proud papa PJ is :)
I will pray that you get your Christmas Miracle!!

God Bless! Give Jack a kiss from one of his "aunties" from the Nest :)

Irma (MamboMama)

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan!
I'm praying that you get your Christmas miracle. Jack is such a cutie pie!! YAY for a normal crib!! That is awesome news!!!
Thoughts and prayers are coming your way!!
Tara (tpquinn72)

The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

He is such a cutie pie and looks SO much like you! It's amazing how much he looks like you and the girls look like PJ.

It is amazing how wonderful the Nest girls in your area have been. I love the Nest when I hear stories like that!

A normal crib sure seems like a step in the right direction. Sometimes NICU babies only turn the corner after something really scary bad happens. I'm praying that Jack has turned that corner and that is nothing but improvements from here on out.

And, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog even with everything you're going through right now. It means a lot.

Anonymous said...

Holy COW he looks good Megan. IT's almost like he is saying, Dad, GET OFF me, lol. I love PJ he cracks me UP!

Hoping your little guy continues to get stronger and stronger. Before you know it you will be screaming JACK STOP PULLING KATIE's HAIR, Charlotte STOP THROWING JACK's TOYS at KATIE. LEROY, LEROY????

Hope to see you soon, Jessica (Franco)

Gillian said...

SO nice to see the video of Jack.. and WAY TO GO HIM, for making it to the crib.. he is climbing onward and upward.. I, too, will keep wish, hoping, and praying you get your Christmas miracle!!

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous! I am so excited that he's in a normal crib! Hopefully you will get your Christmas miracle!

Continued thoughts and prayers!

Michelle (Finally!)

Anonymous said...

The video of Jack was adorable! I'm praying you get your Christmas miracle too! Great news about Jack moving to a crib.

Andrea (TiredAn)

Anonymous said...

YEAH! We're all cheering about the good news! I'll keep praying for your Christmas miracle too :)
-Cristal (Nestie cristallynn)

CRS said...

Megan, I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle for you and that Jack will be home for the New Year too!!

Jessica said...

Christmas wishes DO come true. My baby Noelle is HUGE proof of that. HUGE. I'm praying so steadfastly for you... SO strongly. SO hard. It's all for Jack at this point. I'm giving it all for you.

pam said...

ohhh thanks for the video of jack, he is just too precious!

you guys are all in my thoughts. i hope that you can have all three of your babies home at once for christmas.

guinnf said...

I am praying that you get that Christmas Miracle you so need! Hang in there girl. The pictures are beautiful. Frank wanted me to let you know if PJ is a member of the International FireFigther Association, they have programs to help ease your transition. They helped us pay for hotel rooms when the girls were in the hospital.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Trips

Anonymous said...

Aww! There's a bunch of prayers and vibes floating this earth for Jack. They are all getting so big and cute. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

I just know there's a Christmas miracle out there with Jack's name on it! I'm actually watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featuring a family with FOUR young children at CHoP. What a great place! Jack's in such good hands!

Anonymous said...

Tons of prayers your way that you will get your Christmas wish!
Ginny (Ginnydpe)

marree27 said...

omg what a cute baby, such a little chunker! I love to see how great you and PJ are with him and love him so much. I'm sure he's fighting for you!

I pray that you get your christmas miracle!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised that you're fine acception money from people then you turn around and order Pottery Barn Christmas stockings.