Thursday, October 18, 2007

No time...

I wish I had time to write but it's so busy right now... I visit the babies every morning at 10:30 and get to feed the girls and hold them for awhile, then go back at 4:30 for their 5pm feeding. I LOVE getting to feed them and hold them, they are so sweet and alert - they look at me like they know me. When I talk they crane their little heads to see me like, hey, I know that person....

Here's Katie - she is still the biggest and doing the best of the babies. She's about 3lbs 13 oz so back up to her birth weight. She's being put into an open crib tonight... the doctor said if she can maintain her body temperature and keeps gaining weight, she may come home next week!

She's still pretty red, from getting too much blood from the Twin to Twin transfusion... when they were born Charlotte was white as a sheet and Katie was bright red! Sorry these are so dark, we don't use the flash on them.

Charlotte is our little hummingbird as her daddy calls her. She is the tiniest of the babies but also doing so well, not hooked up to anything anymore but an IV for fluid that will probably come off tomorrow. She is only about 3lbs 3oz now but eating really great. As long as she keeps going, she hopefully won't be home too far behind Katie. She is so alert and funny:

See her peeping out of one eye? Nosy. LOL

Jack is doing better but still having his struggles. They tried taking him off the vent again this morning and the doctor said he literally clamped his mouth shut, closed his lips together and refused to breath. She said it's really unusual..... he can breathe, on the ventilator he's actually doing a lot of the work, but when they take it out he just refuses. Obstinate!! He had to have a blood transfusion because they've taken so much blood from him, so hopefully that will build him up and they will try and take him off the vent again tomorrow. They have him on a different ventilator that's making him do a little more of the work himself, and the doctor said they will also give him a shot of caffeine before they try and ween him off the vent - see if that gets him going. Poor little man. I just want to hold him, it kills me.

The girls are little CLONES of PJ. Everyone seems to think Jack looks more like me. It's hard to tell with all the things covering his little face. :(

So all in all, we're doing okay. In between baby visits I spend a lot of time pumping... I am a MILK MACHINE. My boobs are insane. So I guess I found one more thing my body is good at - I can't dance, I'm clumsy, I have no athletic ability, terrible eyesight, pigeon toes, the world's slowest metabolism.... but I have a great uterus and I can make so much milk cows would be jealous!! :)

This weekend I am going to try and write out about their birth. Thank you to everyone for the nice comments and thoughts for our little family. We appreciate them and need them!


Leah said...

I was waiting for this post!! I'm glad to hear that they all are improving. I am praying that the girls come home soon and that Jack will start breathing on his own. (Even if he is being stubborn!)

:-) Let me know when you need a sitter for the three of them! :-)

MC said...

I am happy to see your updates! I am a NICU nurse, and we have two different sets of triplets right now who were born in their 32nd week, and when I am taking care of them at night, I am wondering about your three and hoping they are doing well. I am glad to hear they are!

And Jack will catch up...the boys just don't get it right away.

The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

What beautiful little ones you have! They all look so amazing for their ages. You should be incredibly proud. You did a great job, and it's wonderful that you're able to get them the breastmilk they need.

pam said...

congratulations, they're beautiful! and judging from the picture of your husband on the right side of your blog, i'd have to agree that the girls look like him. :)

hope jack cooperates soon! much trouble... :)

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous, congrats, and from what I can tell from the pics, they do look like your dh!

I hope Jack cooperates tomorrow!

christi (cjb8 from the nest)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Just Beautiful.
Kimberly and the GA Guinn Trips