Saturday, October 6, 2007

32wks 1day and not ready!

I'm starting to get nervous that the babies are coming soon.... there's no real reason to think this, it's just a feeling. I feel different the last few days. DEFINITELY bigger, and more uncomfortable. Just kind of off. Strange pains that I have no idea what they are - I don't know what a Braxton Hicks feels like, or a contraction... I've read descriptions but it's so hard to tell.

When I stand up I have a very sharp pain that runs down my left side... sort of through my crotch (TMI, sorry). It feels like a muscle pain or something but it HURTS.

My monitoring yesterday had 3 contractions - the nurse said that's nothing, for someone this PG, especially with triplets. She said 4 and under in an hour are totally normal. But I've never had more than ONE contraction during monitoring before and even that's unusual.

I want these babies to stay in until at LEAST 34 weeks. I know this feeling I have is most likely paranoia, although part of me feels like it's mother's intuition. I hope I'm wrong... we'll see. I have a Perinatologist appointment on Tuesday, that will give me a better idea if anything is really going on.

Lazy day for me - I'm trying to do as little as possible because I don't want to push my luck. PJ on the other hand, changed the oil in the mini van, cleaned it, cleaned the garage and the basement. Then he took me to the Shop Rite and pushed me around in one of these:

(See where the two kids are? that's where I sit... it said it holds up to 300 lbs which I'm not close to... yet.... it did creak and moan an awful lot though....)

It's pretty embarrassing - you definitely get a lot of attention. I felt like a fool, but what can I do.... I can't spend an hour walking around the supermarket anymore. At least it's pretty obvious to people WHY I'm sitting in it - it's not just that I'm lazy or we're goofy... well I am both of those things, but they aren't the reason why I'm in it.

I get so many comments now, from everyone. One woman was on her cellphone when we rolled by and she said to whoever was on the other end "OH MY - you should see this poor woman! She is SO PREGNANT!!" LOL

Two women asked me when I was due, and when I told them I was having triplets they both said they had a feeling it was more than one, but didn't want to say it and risk hurting my feelings... Women tend to give you a lot of sympathy, or tell you to hang in there, you look great, things like "I remember those days - it's hard!"

Men say stuff like "Wow look at you!! Enjoying the ride? Me next!! Wish someone would push me around the store..." LOL. Dopes.

At one point, just for ha ha's, I pushed PJ for a minute - these two elderly women almost had a fit. They said "HONEY - you should be sitting in that and he should push you!" PJ said "No way, I have a bad toe." They looked horrified. I told them, he's teasing - we're just being silly, he is pushing me. They didn't laugh.

We went because I wanted to stock up on some essentials (and it was the last day Entenmann's cakes were on sale..... I mean come on, you can't pass that up). I am trying to make and freeze as many dinners as I can so I'm ready - so far I've frozen some Chicken Chili and Chicken Noodle Soup (minus the noodles).

Things to Make and Freeze this week:
Beef Barley Soup
Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs

I'm just waiting for it to cool off a little before I start cooking. FREAKING HEAT - will it ever end?????????? Anyway - any other ideas of things that are good to freeze? Nothing fancy. PJ likes pretty simple foods. He's dull. :)

Speaking of dull, this entry sure is. I think I mostly wanted to write it out for myself. Remind myself what I was going to cook... and for proof that I was right if these babies come out in the next week (please God, prove me WRONG).


Linda said...

Keep those babies cooking Megan! Don't overdo it in the kitchen. Btw, I made a big pot of beef stew and a big batch of baked ziti last week. I might steal your ideas for this week! Oh and your mac&cheese is on the list too. :-) Get lots of rest!!!

Anonymous said...

I mixed up all the ingredients for beed stew, irish lamb stew, chicken and rice, or any favorite crockpot recipe. I just froze it uncooked. When I wanted to eat, I'd just take out the bag, defrost it, and drop it in the crock pot. Worked wonders.

I hope you can hold out a few more weeks.

Kimberly and the GA Guinn Trips

pam said...

eeep! babies stay in! though you've made it pretty far already. i cracked up at the story about you pushing your husband around the store. hee hee!

i wonder if our grocery stores have those? hmm.

The Guinn Triplets said...

Wow...32 weeks it GREAT...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Ask on the nest, someone had a huge list of things that could be mae ahead and frozen.

stephanie said...

you can freeze meatloaf and baked ziti (before you bake it)...I have to catch up with your blog...its so cute! Good luck with your beautiful new family to come...

Anonymous said...

you can freeze meatloaf and baked ziti before it is baked...

good luck with your beautiful new family to come...