Thursday, September 27, 2007


I wrote a great entry late last night .... it was touching, funny, insightful, inspirational..... you'd laugh, cry, be moved.... it would have won awards, made me famous, gotten me a book deal.... but I lost it.

Or maybe, it actually wasn't a great entry, it was basically a REALLY LONG DULL recap of yesterday and everything I did, but regardless, I still somehow manged to delete it and I am NOT rewriting it, so, a brief synopsis then.


I brought my huge jug'o pee to the lab and had my blood drawn

I went to the OB where everything was very very good-

  • Lost 2 lbs but they said that's ok
  • Cervix high and firm
  • Babies heartbeats sounded great
  • NO protein in urine
  • Low blood pressure
  • Doctor said I should carry triplets for a living. I'm a triplet machine. LOL.

I asked the doctor when we'll have the babies -he said we'll take it one week at a time. BUT - if nothing happens to cause them to be delivered (BIG IF) he would schedule my C-section for 37 1/2 or 38 WEEKS. That's insane. I can't imagine. I'll be terrifyingly huge.

Had to lance something, erh, on my, um, body. It was hard to reach. It was gross. I should stop writing about it. Another fun PG side effect no one ever mentions.

My friend Melissa took me for a manicure/pedicure. Very nice of her, and it was great. Love having my cankles rubbed. Way more fun than getting something lanced.

Mom brought me a huge tray of homemade mac and cheese, which was awesome. I've been eating it nonstop ever since. Every day is better with cheese.

Now for some dull pictures. :)

Newest purchase for babies - mom and I bought them to bring the babies home in. Still need outfits for underneath but these were SO cute and soft, we had to get them:

Yes, I posed one on a stuffed bear.... the cat wouldn't let me put it on him.

And now, just for laughs, a stomach update. Graphic skin and stretch marks ahead. Be afraid.

On the Left - September 5th. On the right - September 26th. Bigger and bigger.

(Now, click on that link over to the right and take a guess in our baby pool!! I guessed but I have no idea either - no one knows!!)


pam said...

congratulations, you machine! my doctor told me i was "built for this" too. i hope i am doing as well as you are when i get to that point!

too bad about the lancing, though.

love the going home outfits! do they make those in my size?

The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

I kept getting giant cysts on my, uh, butt when I was pg with my oldest that had to be lanced. I hope your lancing was in a happier place!

I'd vote but I don't need to babysit for babies :)