Monday, September 24, 2007

All Good in Our Hood

Back to the Perinatologists today and everything looked fine. My urine came back with no protein, thank god. They said the UTI could have given a false positive but who knows. I do have to collect all my urine in a jug for 24 hours tomorrow and have it tested just to be safe but that's not a big deal. Though the fact that I have to keep it in the fridge doesn't thrill me.... LOL.

They also took me off bedrest. The doctor I saw today told me to think of myself as being really hung over... he said "Remember when you were 21 years old and you drank WAY too much, how the next day you didn't do anything? You got up, took a shower, made a sandwich, maybe ran to the store for a coffee, but you weren't mopping the floor ... that's how you should act." I thought that was pretty funny. I told him that's fine with me.

While I was there today they did a BPP on the babies - Bio Physical Profile. They said it's basically like the Apgar score they give babies right after they're born - except they're doing it before birth. All the babies passed - their heartbeats were good, movement was great, and they were all 'practice breathing' which I guess is one of the big tests. Jack had the hiccups which was too cute, and Katie was breathing like a champ they said. And we actually got to see Charlotte's face for the first time in FOREVER. She'd always been kind of hidden behind Katie but they've spread out a little - they're all laying across my stomach now one on top of the other, Jack on top of Katie on top of poor little Charlotte.

I am definitely starting to feel really sore and achy, but nothing terrible. Getting out of bed in the morning is the worst - once I get going I'm okay but first thing, ugh. I said to PJ this morning "Did you get the number of the bus that hit me last night?" LOL

ANYWAY - my mom came over on Saturday and we went through all the baby stuff and she put the bedding on the cribs for me - it is SO BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much. It's really cramped in there with three cribs but the bedding helps make it less, sad looking. I went up before to take pictures to post here.

Welcome to BABY JAIL:

Population: Soon to be three
Their Crime: Being born a trio. To parents with no money. LOL
Their Sentence: LIFE with two lunatics.

I was trying to get a picture of each crib but the lighting was making it really hard (new windows still aren't done so no blinds or curtains yet.) I was trying though.... first Charlotte's:

Then Jack's.......

Then Katie's...... HEY!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!

I hadn't even noticed he was in there.... I was in some kind of denial thinking that he couldn't get up into the cribs. WRONG. He even moved the little frog out of the corner. This is bad. So so bad. My mother would DROP DEAD if she saw this.

But he looked so cute.

Aw, so happy and comfy.... my little baby.... NO NO WRONG - must get cat out of crib.

So I removed him and closed the door to the nursery. He's definitely peeved. Now he's staking out the stroller instead.

Yep, mad. He doesn't know the half of how unhappy he's going to be!!


The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

Love the bedding, so cute! How are you going to get the babies in and out of the cribs?! You better lose the baby weight pronto so you can squeeze in there :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! It's Jenga from the nest!! I had to comment about the cat. Just too funny! My dog (a mini dachshund) is overprotective of his human brother Dominick. One day during the beginnings of "Cry it out", I left his door open. The baby is wailing and the dog is pacing back and forth between my bedroom and the baby, giving me these dirty looks. Finally, he gives a HUFF! and runs away. Suddenly, the baby is quiet, I go to peek in thinking he's asleep and the dog had somehow jumped into the crib (from a chair that was about 5 feet away?!?) and was cuddling the baby because I was ignoring him!! He managed to do it again even after I moved the chair further away..I had to move the chair to the other side of the room!
I'm glad to see you are hanging in there and send you daily "keep em in!" vibes.


Heidi said...

Hey, it's Heidi from the Nest. Seeing those THREE cribs lined up is so crazy! I love that the cat decided the crib was his. Too cute! He's in for a rude awakening when those three babies start moving!

mrsgingergrl said...

LOL... thanks girls. I feel better about the nursery now... and not SO awful that a cat was in the baby's crib. What does he was comfy!!

Diana said...

OK, the pics with the cat are freakin adorable!!!