Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So let it begin.

I write. A lot. In notebooks and journals and wherever I think to write. I save every scrap of everything that I think might someday be important to me and cram it in with all that writing. When I started on this whole process known as TTC or TTTC or IF with an RE leading to IVF or whatever you want to abbreviate it to, I felt like I needed it to document it. But I was nervous. I'm superstitious also. I thought maybe writing it out for everyone to see would jinx it. So I held back.

But now, after 1 very succesful cycle of IVF, I am almost 12 weeks pregnant.

With triplets. That's right, triplets. It was twins. But one embryo decided to split into two embryos. Troublemakers already.

Now I finally feel safe enough to write about it. I want to write it all down, I don't want to forget any of this. I want our kids to read someday what we went through and how much we wanted them.

And how much I FREAKING SUFFERED. Like I tell my husband, these had better be some damn awesome kids, after all we've gone through. I'm talking smart handsome Matt Damon taking his mom to the Oscars kind of kids. If there's a single Kevin Ferdeline in the bunch, I'm going to be pissed.


Jody said...

I discovered your blog tonight via Technorati, and have added it to my HOM blogroll at

Please let me know if you prefer NOT to be listed.

Congratulations on reaching 29 weeks!