Thursday, September 9, 2010


Technically today was not the first day of school, it was the Open House, which means I went with the girls.  They’re signed up for two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9am to noon.  Tuesday is Gym class! And Wednesday is Music class!  And I know they’re going to love it.  We visited the school back in June and I had to pry the two of them out of there.  All summer we’ve talked about school and every day for the last week Charlotte has woken up and said “Today I’m going to school!”  Ah, the anticipation.

So today’s Open House was close enough – to Katie and Lala it meant SCHOOL. 


They went right in, sat down at the play kitchen and never looked back.  Played with every single toy they could get their hands on, hugged and kissed the teachers, inspected the class fish, ate the donuts someone brought in for the teachers.  After about an hour, they both said they were ready to go home and headed for the door.  I said okay, say goodbye to your teacher, you’ll see her next week. 


“No.” Charlotte said “No more school, I’m done.”  Uh oh.


I told them they get to go back again (and again and again and again….) without Mommy, and they said oh no, no way.  Grandma will go with us.  Or Daddy.  Or even better, we won’t go back.  We’re done.  They don’t quite grasp the whole school concept yet, I guess.  I still think they’re going to love it….  I hope.  Tune in next Tuesday to see how the REAL first day goes. 


Ami said...

Oh my gosh! That's too funny....I'm sure they'll adjust to going back again. And again. And again. :) One can only hope anyway! I'll be anxious to hear how Tuesday goes! Best wishes to you all!

BreezieGirl said...

It's been a long while since I've commented, but wow, your girls have grown up SO much and I just felt like it needed to be said!

Hope school goes great!

Cristy in CT said...

Can't wait to see your post next Tuesday-Good luck !!!

bexx said...

This is going to be interesting! Can't wait til you post next week!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Love reading your posts!

cdr2009 said...

They're getting so big! I love their outfits. =)

gigs from home said...

Ami you r gr8
i appreciate u r feelings keep it up an up