Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is 2 and a 1/2

I wrote recently about the girls taking turns being terrors.  And surprise, we seem to have switched again.  Charlotte has just been sweet as pie.  In the middle of dinner she will stand up and come over to me ‘because she wants a hug’.  She is so cute and lovable.

And yep.  My cuddly darling little Katie has taken to throwing things when she’s angry, and even better, hitting.  A lot.  I don’t know why this started or how to get it to stop but she just will not quit hitting.  Everyone!  She’s smacked me across the face a few times, and she’s got a good arm, let me tell you.  ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS’ I just repeat to myself.  Over and over.  As I put Katie on the naughty step.  Again.

(I have to put in here that as i was writing this, over the baby monitor I suddenly heard a rooster crowing…. followed loudly by MOOOOOMMMMMYYYY!!!  HELP!  I NEED YOU I NEED YOU!  So here’s a PSA.  Don’t let your child sleep with this.  Evidently Charlotte rolled over onto her rooster flashlight and when it suddenly screamed COCK A DOODLE DOOOO it scared them both death.)

2010-04-11 13.07.222010-04-11 13.07.27

Charlotte is still sick, but Katie is better, while last week Katie was sick and Lala was fine.  This has meant they’ve spent a decent amount of time separated.  My parents have taken whoever wasn’t sick to the park or shopping, and PJ took Katie to a friend’s on Sunday while I stayed home with Charlotte.  It is actually the one good thing i can say that comes out of them being sick.  I think it’s really important (and fun) for them to get time alone with people.  And for them also to get some time alone with Mom – even if they’re sick.  To have Mom’s undivided attention.  They love it – and they TALK.  Oh my god do they talk, it seems like they don’t have each other to relate to so they have to relate to me, or Grandma or whoever is with them.  They turn into these little chatterboxes.

When PJ took Katie on Sunday, Charlotte was devastated.  She LOVES PJ, and she was so upset Katie was going in Daddy’s CAR!  To a PARTY! With DADDY!  So even though she wasn’t feeling well, I felt so badly for her I packed her up and took her to Friendly’s for dinner.  She was so good, and such a little girl, sitting in the booth, eating her dinner, thanking the waitress.  Her sundae was just too much happiness, it had M&Ms! and the bowl was shaped like a flower! AND there were sprinkles.  She almost forgot all the fun she was missing out on. 

2010-05-02 18.22.54Lala on our Friendly’s Dinner Date, complete with her first Shirley Temple.

Then PJ texted me a picture of Katie playing with our friend’s kids, and I showed Lala.  I said “Look Lala!  Katie at the party! I miss my Katie.”   Lala said “Me too. I miss my brudder.”  They don’t get the concept of brother/sister.  My nephew Owen has a new little brother, so that’s the word they know.  And it is so freaking cute.  A little teeny bit painful, i will admit, but still super cute, to hear them call each other 'brother.’

A couple other cute Lalaisms lately (cute if you’re not me) -

“Mama, I’m a princess. Katie’s a princess too.  You’re too big to be a princess.”  Thanks kid.  Is Daddy too big too?   “Yes, he’s too big.  He’s a PRINCE.”  Adding insult to injury Charlotte.

Me: “Lala, I can’t carry you up the stairs, you’re too heavy.”   Lala: “That’s okay Mama. You’re heavy too.”

My self esteem is plummeting.

And not to leave Katie out, a gem from her-

She had really loud gas the other night.  I said KATIE! What is up with your tummy!
She said “That’s not my tummy Mama, that’s my butt.”

And this is how she greets the cat every single time she sees him…

“HI CAT!  You stink.  P.U.”

His self esteem probably isn’t too great either.

2010-04-11 13.43.462010-04-11 13.43.51

Watching Cinderella today, when the stepmother came on screen, Katie said “There’s the MEAN mommy!  Like you Mama!”  I said, Katie! Am I a mean Mommy? 

She said “No! You’re a happy mommy.”

I said, are you happy Katie?  She said “Yes, Mama, I’m happy.  You’re a happy Mama and I’m a happy Katie.”

And with that, she’s redeemed.  Charlotte still needs to make up for calling me too big to be a Princess though. 


Linda said...

I love their hair the way you have it now. So cute. I can't wait to hear my kids talk like that. It's adorable. And I'm Jealous that you have someone to take your healthy kid. Sounds like they are awesome girls. You're very blessed Megan. :-) :-)

Andrea said...

They are too cute but terrible for the self-esteem! My almost 4 year old loves to tell me that she loves my smushy tummy and that my face is crunchy (yeah I don't get that either but I did step up the moisturizer!). I think she believes she is complementing me :)

Anonymous said...

You tell her that once you're too big to be a Princess, you become a Queen.


Emily said...

Ah, from the mouth of babes. My girls aren't verbal enough yet to describe my flaws, but they're observant enough to literally point them out. They love to poke my belly fat and point to every mole/blemish/wart they can see. I guess they keep us humble! :)

Jodi said...

Love that you're documenting some of their funny and cute little comments. And, it's wonderful that you're able to give them special 1:1 time with people too. Very lucky little ladies! You're such a great mom.... Happy Mom's Day, early.

cori said...

this has to be your best post made me laugh and you made me cry....