Thursday, October 1, 2009

Expletive! Vermont.

We took the girls to Vermont last weekend. My uncle owns a home up there, and every couple years we all descend on it for a little family reunion. I had some trepidation about taking the girls, but they were so good while we were down the shore for 2 weeks back in June I figured, eh, how bad could it be.

Bad. So bad. Really really bad.

They were good on the four hour drive up, but my plan that they would nap for most of it didn't happen. They slept maybe 45 minutes. I thought, great, they'll be exhausted. They'll sleep tonight.


They are at a hard age for sleeping away from home. They are really too big for the pack and plays, but aren't ready to sleep in a bed. That first night they just would not sleep. They finally conked out in the pack and plays around 10:30, after almost every family member took a turn laying on the floor with them trying to get them to sleep. But they were wide awake at 4am.

This made for some very very grumpy children on Saturday (and yes, I wasn't too happy either). And of course I thought well they'll HAVE to take a really long nap. They're beyond exhausted.

HA again.

This time, we put them in the pack and plays to nap, and they realized, hey - we can easily climb out of these things. There's nothing quite like seeing your supposedly sleeping (safely contained!) babies come strolling down the stairs.

After that, all bets were off. We couldn't get them home fast enough on Sunday. I think my family was more than happy to see them go (anyone with a toddler knows what they're like on not enough sleep. Ugly.)

But no, wait... the fun didn't end there! The seed had now been planted in their little almost 2 year old brains.

Tuesday morning, I woke up to the sound of a doorknob rattling. I don't think I've ever jumped out of bed so fast in my life. Opened the girls bedroom door, and there they stood. Out of their cribs. Big, self satisfied smiles on their faces.

"HI!" Katie said
"HI!" Charlotte said
"$&*#(@$&(!!!" is what I said.

It's a whole new game now. Today I walked in to find them both in Katie's bed. Who knows what I'll find next. I'm scared. And I can't figure out how we went from them being too small to sleep in their cribs, to being big enough to climb out, in what seems like no time at all.

We should never have gone to Vermont.

(And please, don't forget it's not too late to buy some raffle tickets!)


Meet the Brummett's said...

Two words "Crib Tents!" I just had to run out and purchase these for my 17 month I'm just keeping my fingers crossed they don't figure out how to unzip the zippers! Good Luck with your little escapees :)

2Forgetful said...

I second the crib tents vote. Best money I ever spent. My girls started climbing into each others cribs at naptime. Effectively ending naptime. Crib tents bought me many more months of peaceful afternoons. We used them for a year before we switched to toddler beds at 33 months.

Get the Cozy Tots II with the inside surround mesh. Virtually impossible to escape.

Anonymous said...

It may be time for toddler beds. I read that when they are able to climb out of their crib is when it is time for the bed.

Elizabeth said...

I'm going through the same DRAMA w/ my twins. I put them into "big boy" beds. It's now a nightmare to keep them in there all night Now they get up and climb into our bed.... it's a battle!!! Good luck!

Twincerely,Olga said...

Aww! your children are beautiful! I just voted for you!!I'm getting crib tents too

Sarah said...

I feel your pain!!

Linda said...

You just described my trip to Cape May perfectly. We came home with so many sleep issues, I'm afraid to ever go anywhere again! lol good luck!!!

L Lanter said...

We chose to go with a toddler bed and a tall baby gate installed at our son's bedroom doorway. The gate was closed only at naptime and night so we knew our son would not be wandering the house unsupervised. (See for Easy Step Extra Tall Pet Gate.)

Shelly said...

Ditto the crib tents. They were a lifesaver for us! Once ours were in big boy beds, naps went out the window. Keep them in their crib for as long as possible :)

momma mara said...

YES to crib tents!!!! NOOOOO to toddler beds; they will likely fall out unless they barely move around at night. Next step is a twin mattress on the floor with a bed rail. Be prepared for less naptimes and harder nights until they get used to it. GL!

Rebecca Nixie said...

Oh I remember my oldest daughter climbing out of her crib for the first time!!! I only had singletons so I can't speak about 2 climbing into the others crib!!! But it would be so precious to find them snuggled together....sleeping!!!! I say try the tents to keep your sanity!!! They are so cute!! How did Lala (or is it Katie) do with the car sickness???

Amy said...


Kitty Laird said...

Oh my stars I am so sorry. I am dreading the day my guys figure out they can climb out of their cribs - the idea just hasn't come to them yet. Good luck and I can't wait to hear what you decide to do.

bexx said...

I love it! They are officially ready for "big girl" beds! Maybe seperate rooms, too.